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  1. I have had many people suggest BSIA and I really do mean to pop down there one night when they are on, have just never got round to doing so yet. Thanks for directing me to the Altair's, some real food for thought there (e.g is it worth going over budget for the better eye relief, if it is worth it should I get the 6mm or go all out with a 9mm and barlow, definately blowing the budget and the 9mm is close to my 10mm already - not ready to start replacing EP's yet surely). Out of interest - say I were to go for a 6mm in either the BCO, BST (5mm in this case), NPL or the Altair, which
  2. ok so to progress more with planetary and lunar viewing, I should go for the 8mm Vixen NPL and a barlow? (when i search for relevation barlow i find a 2x and a 2.5x version, both available for the same price. Should I just go for the 2.5x or is there a difference in quality?) And then later on to fully round out my eyepiece collection I could consider either the BST or BCO as they are generally good eyepieces - but that's for later. Is that the gist of what people are saying?
  3. I guess my budget is around £60-£80. Good to hear so many positives about the BCO's. What are the advantages of getting a BCO over a BST, you all say that the BST offers a wider angle and better eye relief but for a very similar price. One thing i though was that the higher power eyepieces can be tricky to use / push my telescope to the limit of its magnification (i have previously asked about eyepieces and thats where i got the idea of the 18mm and 6mm to round out my collection). I also heaard that getting a couple of eyepieces is better than getting one and a barlow?
  4. Hi guys, I have a Skywatcher Heritage 130p and I am looking for an upgrade to /additional eyepieces, mainly for planetary and lunar viewing. At the moment I have my eye on 2 eyepieces - a 6mm66º uwa 'gold line' eyepiece for about £20-30, and an 18mm Baader ortho eyepiece for £50 ish. However, I have recently come across the Celestron eyepiece kit for about the same price (maybe slightly more, but not much) as the 2 eyepieces previously mentioned eyepieces put together. What is the quality of the celestron eyepieces compared to the baader? I've heard that the baade
  5. Hi all, I don't think i would use the camera with my scope as i only have a little dob, and i think wide field would be more of my thing, I will look out for deals etc, especially for the cannon 1000D upwards, but i still find the thought of a DSLR a bit daunting... How long would the ideal shutter speed be (apart from bulb)?
  6. Thanks for all the help guys, but a full DSLR looks a bit pricey and quite daunting really, most cost more than my telescope itself!! What about bridge cameras, or even compact cameras. I know these can be a large step down, but I think this is necessary for what i want...
  7. Yeah I realised I didn't put a price after i posted silly me... I guess DSLR is the way to go then, as all 3 of you have suggested them, but i think that the Cannon 1000D is more in my price range... I think over £200 is pushing it a bit, but if it is a bit over and worth it I could reluctantly increase the budget (I am a student and feel bad for asking for too much money from my parents :/ ) Would it be worth it getting a Bridge camera? or should i go straight for a DSLR? Thanks again
  8. Hi Guys Recently my camera (Samsung Digital Camera, nothing fancy) broke, giving me an excuse to upgrade to one better suited for Astrophotography... I mainly used my camera in the last stages of its life for long exposure night shots, using my tripod, of constellations, and would like to get more photos like this, maybe some star trails and things like that. The problem is that my camera (and the one i was looking at as a replacement) has 16s as its longest shutter speed, personally i don't think this is enough. I am not interested in attaching my camera to my telescope as my humble heritage
  9. Well thank you all so so so much for helping me out here, especially you Schorhr I think i will go with either the BST 18mm or the BCO 18mm, and then the 6mm gold line ultra wide as a cheap high power eyepiece for now, and upgrading the standard 10mm sometime in the future along with a barlow (maybe the Baader Classic 2.25x - i can't really afford the 'great' barlows mentioned before, but if i ever get in to imaging (which i might if i find mac applicable software and hardware) i might need a barlow) I also apologise profusely for my misspelling of 'barlow' throughout this topic
  10. you say good barlowes are really good, how much would these cost? I don't really fancy getting a really high power eyepiece for some reason, and something like an 8mm is too close to the 10mm i already have (although it is a bit rubbish...) of course could be entirely mistaken...
  11. Not what i would have expected, i would have though a barrow would be better, but an eyepiece it is!! With that i ask whether a 18mm (or something around that) would be that beneficial to me at the moment, as I would like to see more details on the planets. Will, say, an 8mm EP give a decent amount of detail or should i go for something like a 5mm (or just stick with the 18mm if it is so good) ?
  12. Wow, loads of information here for me, thanks guys!!! One thing that stands out at me is that decent eyepieces are more expensive than i thought, so... If I had to choose between a barlowe or an eyepiece, what should I go for? (bearing in mind i have the 10mm and 25mm eyepieces that came with the scope, and would mainly observe planets and some of the easier messier objects)
  13. This might seem like a really stupid question, but where do you all buy your eyepieces from?? every website has different ones and I'm not always sure what the difference is!! I am looking for a 2x Barlowe and possibly a 18mm ep (and maybe even a 8mm one if my budget can stretch that far) I suppose what i am also asking is what are the differences in all the brands and the different types of eyepieces? Any help would be great Dan
  14. Ah! Silly me, i didn't even think of looking for other topics!! Thanks
  15. Hi guys had my scope for about 6 months now, loving it I tell people about what I've seen but none are excited as me because i cannon provide any visual proof - hence me venturing into astrophotography! I mainly want to do planetary and lunar imaging, so I plan on getting a webcam (any advice on which one to get???) I also have read about all the different software you need, and one thing jumps out at me: does it all work on mac? Hence why i came here, to get advice on the software i need to take photos with a webcam USING A MAC Any advice welcome Dan
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