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  1. suppose this is when you discover Adrenaline (?) is brown, glad it all worked out OK though
  2. have often thought "if anything happens to me, some one is going to get a right bargain, as the good lady has no idea what all those scope things and them camera things actually cost when I bought them" maybe need to list them and leave it marked " will" !!! lol
  3. got my new power supply from FLO ( Nevada PSW-30 25-30A Switch-Mode Power Supply) and due to an operation have not been able to use it or my EQ6 as that head is so heavy and am banned from lifting anything for another 4 weeks, expect the weather to be perfect for you all, heavy cloud over UK forecast in 4 weeks time !!
  4. LukeSkywatcher first, and not teaching you how to suck eggs, you will need to reduce 240 volt ac power to 12 volt d/c power, have you looked on the First light optics web site under "accessories and power supplies" Also Martin and his colleagues are very approachable if you are not sure what you need, all the best, Lum Essex. finally, I'm hoping Iv got your name right, 3rd attempt!!!!
  5. CheapAsAstronomer may i make a suggestion or two, if in any doubt ask on here first, there's always someone who will point you in the right direction, and regarding leads to the mount, I usedifferent colour tape for my eq5 as I managed to blow something in it, yea, newby mistake, and had to replace the hand set and motors, please don't ask how, as I am not sure how myself. brown stuff happens!!!
  6. Icesheet, by locking the mirror in the "up" position you remove the motion which causes camera shake , nothing to do with increasing the sensitivity, sorry if this was not clear
  7. Dougie, you could try using the delay setting (page 33 user manual) which, i believe raises the mirror before shutteer releases, also, have you got a remote shutter release, under £10 on ebay ML-L3 IR Wireless Remote Control for Nikon D3000 D3200 D3400 D5000 D40X D70 HQ this will allow you to shoot without touching the shutter release, so again less wobble sorry about the white writing, started when i added the ebay link.let me know how you get on. Lum manual for Nikon D3200 on google in case you have not got one Nikon D3200 Manual cdn-10.nikon-cdn.com › manuals › dslr › D3200_EN PDF
  8. can you lock the shutter open/ up ?, on the D3200, would save removing the mirror completely, asking as I have the D7200 and the D600, both have this facility, and use both for astro photography,
  9. wife remembers her dad getting her up to watch the Apollo 11 moon landing, and as they had a colour tv (rare in those days) she was a bit disappointed that the picture was in black and white!!
  10. scotty38, for cloudy skys you can blame me, been bad since my new mount arrived, seems if its clear I haven't set up and if its cloudy Im itching to get out and someone(her indoors) needs someone to run about, ooh well ..............................................................................
  11. so, is that the "finder scope" next to the beast now ?
  12. we used to heat up a piece of copper pipe to melt through the water tanks to fit the float valve and tank connectors, so might work for the eye pieces, if you can get the right size copper tube, but would suggest trying on a piece of spare piece of foam first, just don't get the pipe too hot either
  13. Hope you have kept the original, and were working on a layer!
  14. just a thought, while the collective "WE" are bemoaning these price rises, please spare a thought for the team at First Light Optics, who throughout this pandemic have continued to serve us with the same quality service which we now accept as normal, and be grateful for their commitment to their customers, I for one have nothing but praise for them all,
  15. so, that's what you were doing, I did wonder!!!! rofl.
  16. Hi Andrzej, as above welcome and enjoy.
  17. but if it was "easy" we would soon get bored!, I always get a "satisfied" smirk when the weather gods and the star gods deem to come together and let me see properly but then I might just have a masochistic streak!
  18. thanks now you have got me very interested
  19. thinking about this situation, would it be possible to build an isolation switch (like they use on factory floors to isolate plant) into the sliding roof, ? I am assuming you don't need the mount to power up when the roof is closed, and unattended, this could ensure that when the roof is shut there can be no power to your mount, just found this on google Emergency Electrical STOP Switch 240V "8.98 at the moment, but even at £19, 63 could be worth an investment, further details, further details SolenoidValves, 01454334990 in Bristol,
  20. silly question, however, can you post details as interested ,
  21. what did the postman bring? does this include DPD, Got my nice QHY polemaster from First light optics .Arrived Tuesday, wanted to try it before posting this, and yes it is as good as the reviews suggest, thanks to FLO for quick dispatch and easy ordering, Much happy person in Essex,
  22. good luck, and happy birthday, I see your predicament, hope you find a bargain though,
  23. Lotinsh, just a suggestion, buy the best you can afford or you will be forever trying to buy better on a limited budget, if you have to put buying on hold for a few months you will be in the position to save up and buy when you find the "bargain" I have been there, I mow have an EQ6 R pro, having bought 2 cheaper mounts which were not upto the task, so, from experience I will say it will pay you back in the long run, good luck and clear skies,
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