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  1. I don't have a sky atlas,but I'm going to buy one-need help identifying everything.I had no idea so much was in sagittarius,it is in an unviewable area (almost) from my house.Got it narrowed down to m20 or m8 and I think m62.The cats eye was interesting to see,had some structure or darkening to give it a unique look.M81 & m82,one was a streak of light but a little more than that,a vertical patch but long ovalish.Is it a vertical edge on but tipped galaxy?I can already see what I like finding...DSO's.I had no idea there are so many of these objects,can't wait to get out again.It clouded up here so the waiting game is on.Am gonna try all the recommended objects everyone suggested.I sure like the wide view of my 23mm in the scope,that really helps me find stuff,but the 10mm gave brighter views.
  2. I found some!Ok here's the story.I went up on the old logging cut,nice hill ,great view.I set up in heavy mosquito & blackfly action and had to wait for about an hour before the sun was down.Started to view Saturn,brighter stars.Moonshane you are right about the sky-it was 11:00pm before darkness set it.At first I couldn't find m81,m82 so I just went looking around.I saw a bright star in scorpius(antares)-I never knew it had so much colour,so looking around it I saw an unusual fuzzy patch next to it with a few stars visible-M4!So the I looked over to the left(maybe 20') and lower and saw a star cluster with faint nebulosity!Any ideas what this is?I think I was in Sagittarius but can't recognize it yet.So cruising around there back over right there was a round ball,uniform brightness-star cluster?Back to Ursa Major and lining up the two stars and over about 10' I believe m81 and m82 were visible.So one galaxy was elliptical and the other round with a brighter center.Is this these objects?Easily saw at same time in 23mm,10mm and could just see both in Delos 6mm.What a great nightAny idea what the others are?My scope worked great last nite.I'm happy.
  3. Hey thanks guys,this will give me a good headstart on my searching & with luck I'll find at least one of them!I'm gonna check out my Starrynight program for the anticipated viewing time to help me,and see if I can print off a chart or something.Now hopefully the sky forecast holds....
  4. Well tonite it looks good for the sky & I have a chance to go to a dark sky site-on top of a clearcut ridge.So can anyone tell me what DSO's are bright & easy to find in my sky?Ursa major is high up right now(tonite) and am thinking of snooping around there,I have in the past in light polluted skies with no luck.So far only saw m31 & m110 last winter from dark skies & saw it well,eventhough aperature limited.I am still confused on brightness and magnitude ratings for the DSO's so for now I'm just gonna ask what will be the easiest for me to see.Thanks
  5. That's fantastic!Being able to show kids the wonders of the sky is what it's all about.I'll never forget my young grand daughters face when she saw the orion nebula.I'm kinda like a kid when it comes to this hobby myself.
  6. I am sure the Baader optics cleaning fluid is the answer to the problem,I just checked it out on web & am gonna order some.Thanks.You know after cleaning all the Rubbish off of everthing I split the double double with the 6mm Delos VERY easily-the best yet.The 10mm Luminos at 63x almost split them,looked elongated.This was with not too bad conditions.I can't wait to try again when seeing is REALLY GOOD,if this ever happens here.I havn't seen a star in days & more rain coming!
  7. I use a 23mm Luminos in my refractor with great results for open clusters-pleiades,beehive etc.Found Andromeda galaxy with it & saw its companion very well.These eyepieces have large listed field stop diameters-the 31mm Luminos specs at 47mm which may be of use to you.They are HEAVY though.Vic Maris of Stellarvue suggested this (23mm) eyepiece for me,very cost effective in its class.I paid $250.00 US for it.
  8. It's good to here that a reflector can stand some "punishment" on the way to a site,I don't know how sensitive they can be.Maybe a guy should keep the F ratio up so the "sweet spot"(collimation wise) is bigger for a scope that will be drug around-F6 and higher?I'm envious of olley,john and the others who have seen the galaxy structure,I can't wait to join the club!For now I'll take the 90mm to the dark site to see what I can see,good baseline for me to compare to other scopes in the future.I would like to find someone around here with a 8-10" reflector just to take a peak.The astronomy club I joined has some experienced members-long way away though.In terms of reflectors,how do Newtonians and Cassegrains compare on galaxies and nebula?Given equal optics of course.I already have an interest in Newtonian reflectors,amazes me how astronomers hundreds of years ago figured out the technology to view the sky.
  9. I use a Stellarvue M2 mount with no slow controls and it is silky smooth,no problem tracking and it is so simple to set up.Great quality.I have no idea if anyone in UK sells this brand tho
  10. I'm actually amazed at how much light pollution there is everywhere,it's a real eye opener.It influenced my choice of telescope but I still wonder about a Newtonian reflector.Somewhere on the web I saw a dark sky chart,our cabin is just on the edge of a true dark spot,but really to get to the area is 30-40 more km away,in the bush.I can get to the place on logging roads,but now the mosquitos and blackflies are coming out.The best views thru my small scope came from here,I can only imagine the view in a bigger scope.Because of my erractic weather here I just don't know if I would be able to use the light bucket with more effectiveness.From the cabin I can see the skyglow from my small town-looks like a glowing dome,unreal.So I have to decide if lugging a big scope into the bush is practical-will it hold collimation etc...
  11. So far with my scope I'm limited to about 20-30 times aperature(inches) of magnification.For me 63x always is sharp-105x looks good alot,but even this is dependent on seeing conditions.The odd time the sky supports more magnification,but not much around here.
  12. Great response,it seems like a really dark site is one of the keys to observing these things,when I saw m31 & m110 I was in a remote very dark place,no clouds etc.I have looked for m51 but no luck yet-but just from my back yard.When conditions are right I will pack up & go "hunting" more seriously.I don't expect to see spirals or detail,most likely one fuzzy blob,maybe both.Aperature sounds like an important feature to see more deatil as long as seeing is good.Does seeing have a huge impact on viewing galaxies and nebula?Out of the factors involved(transparency,cloud cover,humidity,darkness etc) which are the most limiting in viewing these objects?My location and terrain around here would make a Dob difficult to use,especially if seeing limits their effectiveness on DSO
  13. I was wondering what size/type of scope would be needed to see the spirals in galaxies?I have seen the Andomeda galaxy so far with my set up in good seeing.I'm curious to here how others have done with their setups.
  14. Eyepiece the the fridge-I love it!!Great idea,gonna try that next winter until I build a storage locker outside.The other night I took my flashight outside & scanned around just looking in the air-the tree pollen floating was crazy.Got to keep my caps on for sure and hopefully get a system going to help keep my optics clean.I noticed a big difference after cleaning,until the seeing changed.I will check out those links after work in the morning.I think I notice that the sky conditions contribute to the issues seen in my telescope-odd thing is the Luminos maybe scatters light more but for instance on Saturns moons the other night,I saw as many in the Luminos as in the TV's,all by a near full moon about 12 degrees away.I saw 3 moons in all three.The Delos is awesome but that big lens is more prone to picking up stray light I'm sure,just have to be careful.I really like the scope and am having fun laerning how to use it.Great ideas and advice umadog
  15. Well just to report....I said I kept my optics very clean...I took a flashlight to shine the lenses for the first time and they were not so clean.OK they were very dirty.But I couldn't see much without the use of the light.Thanks umadog.A whole pile of fine dust(pollen,tissue dust?) was on the obective,eyepieces and the diagonal mirror.That mirror seems hard to get spotless-maybe I'm seeing relections of dust too.I need to learn how to clean my optics,I bought a puffer ear syringe at the pharmacy until I can get the proper lens puffer.The dust that was on everthing was "stuck" ,couldn't blow much off.I'm wondering if the condensation on the optics from bringing everything back inside in the winter caused the dust to stick.I had been breathing on the lenses first,then tissue wipe followed by pure isopropyl alcohol wipe.I heard not to clean everything too often,but I think I have to.Any cleaning suggestions?I am going to continue tracking down my problems,one by one.Thanks BTW-after cleaning, the Cassini division became a nice sharp thin line with both the Delos & zoom at 105x
  16. We just got back from fishing in the rain-BUT-I saw clear blue sky to the North!Looks like it may clear up this weekend,so after work I'll be checking things out again,great idea about shining light on lens to see any moisture.Thanks umadog.And also I will find a bulb type air puffer & try it out on dust and any moisture that may be there.I sure have a lot to learn here,but I`m really having fun.My wife just laughs when I`m out moving the scope around the yard to see between the trees and such!I will report back on what is found to help from all the info that been given to me.I got confirmation back from RASC with a schedule of events,it will be great to check out other scopes,etc. and get some opions on my setup.When I bought the scope I really had no idea of cool down,seeing, transparency,observing Jupiter just as it appears in a semi bright sky.All this help is awesome. Thanks again Gerry from Fort Frances,Ontario
  17. You guys sure have a wealth of information to share,nothing beats experience.I noticed that the 3-6 TV zoom will lightly fog from my eye(close eye relief?) sometimes in the cold...can this happen in warmer weather but not as noticeable?Can a telescope get moisture INSIDE the tube?I have not noticed this just wondering.I keep my lenses very clean,but outside dust does seem to acumulate during a viewing session.Transparency,I'm trying to get a handle on that....ClearDarkSkies gives a viewing forecast,seems accurate,still amazes me when it looks great for viewing,but....and then other nights it doesn't look as good but is much better.The other night for about 20 minutes Saturn became so clear I couln't believe it,very sharp at 105X to about 160X,first time my zoom really showed its stuff on the planets.And then it was over.Jupiter now is terrible to view for me-too low in the sky I think.You know a halow is a very good description of what I see sometimes,I think I need to figure out a way to keep my optics as "dry" as possibe,gonna look for my wifes hairdryer!lol!I just can't wait to try my scope in excellent conditions,right now my most usefull magnification-works all the time- is 63x anything higher is gravy.
  18. I wiil try to narrow it down,it does happen with all eyepieces to a varying degree,but as I'm new I don't know whats normal or not.There are few if any astronomers around here that I'm aware of to give an experieced look,my family members who viewed just thought it was awewsome to see these things.I just joined the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada,Thunder Bay-350km away though.They have regular observing nites so I will go on a road trip sometime to compare scope to scope. So far I have viewed the: moon-stunning views,sharp and clear Saturn-can see Cassini division at times,some light banding on planet,yellowish colour,saw 5 moons one night Jupiter-2 bands always visible,3 sometimes,looks like top of planet lighter shade at times.One night viewed a back dot appear on surface...Starry night program said asteroid impact? can see moon transits. M31-never realized how big this is,saw m110 as small fuzzy next to it M42-stunning from dark site,looks green in my scope-looked like an Eagles spread wings.I can split the double double at minimum of 105x.
  19. The telescope I'm using is a Stellarvue 90mm refractor,carbon fiber tube,a 2" diagonal from them and the eyepieces I have are: 23mm Luminos,10mm Luminos,6mm TV Delos and a 3-6 TV zoom.Light scattering may be a better term for this,can the telescope cause light scatter as well as the eyepieces?I have "fogged" up my eyepieces and it creates a similar effect,but much worse.Maybe light dew or frost...?
  20. By glare I mean bright area(big) surrounding the planet,most notably Jupiter,in darkness.I have started viewing Jupiter at sundown with greater success,seems a little bit of light in the sky helps?In the cold weather I leave my scope(and eyepieces) outside for about 45min to cool off.There is no frost or condensation on any lenses-unless I mess up and breath on the eyepiece!Also the effect isn't always there or bad,but when its bad its BAD.Maybe atmospheric dust does something to-not sure
  21. I am new to astronomy and was wondering if there is a relationship between eyepiece(telescope?) glare and seeing conditions?I noticed that at times the glare seen was very bright and "washed" out detail on the planets.I attributed this at first on the eyepieces used(Celestron Luminos),but as I have aquired different ones...TV Delos,3-6 Nagler zoom they all at times have a significant amount of glare.Does moisture in the air cause more glare?I noticed this effect when it was very cold out,-25C,but still happens now that it is warmer.By the way,the 10mm Luminos@63x is my goto eyepiece,very sharp,excellent clarity,etc.In moments of good seeing all my eyepieces offer incredible views,just wondering if anyone else noticed glare vs atmospheric conditions?
  22. Oh and I forgot to say GO JAYS GO!!
  23. I am located on the border with Minnestoa,U.S.A.,and our district is called the Rainy River District... today we had 50mm of rain or so.Lake ice went out about 8 days ago(just under a meter thick),so here I am waiting for some clear skies!Kitchener is about 1600km East of here,Winnipeg,MB is 400km West. Clear skies to all Gerry
  24. Thanks for the welcome people!Well my first scope as a kid was a Tasco....then years later my wife bought me a scope she was told was good....Anyway the results with those "department store" scopes are not so great.Stellarvue had a big sale on a while back and I bought a 90mm Raptor refractor.This scope has provided me with amazing views,when seeing allows.It is a SVR90T-25SV.
  25. Hi my name is Gerry and I just bought my first "real" telescope a few months ago.I can't wait for the weather to clear up here .....!
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