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  1. Agree with the comments above, nice pic. Can you elaborate on using your laptop screen for flats? Is it just a case of photographing a white screen?
  2. Thanks for the kind feedback guys. Indeed I'm looking forward to working on some larger targets to better make use of my relatively wide-field setup. This probably warrants another thread, but I'd love to hear any recommendations for larger targets to work on as we get into August (aside from the obvious M31). I'm probably somewhat limited by not owning any filters and using an unmodded DSLR, but that will probably change in time, depending on what shows up on AB&S.. In case anyone is interested, this was the full size image. Note the elongated stars towards the edge of the frame, as I don't own a field flattener and haven't felt the need to buy one as yet. There's also a noticeable vignette, I guess because I'm still using a 1.25" adaptor with the DSLR. Cheers
  3. It seems that I'm "doing it wrong" by using a jumpstarter, but for what it's worth I'm using this (12Ah) unit from Maplin: http://www.maplin.co.uk/jumpstarter-with-digital-compressor-and-500a-cranking-power-672080 I'm just using it to power the HEQ5, which runs quite happily for 3-4 hours (I haven't tried it for a longer session). I guess once you start charging laptops, powering cameras and heating dew-strips it might become a bit much. I can totally see the advantage of a leisure battery given their characteristics, but for now this thing is doing the job. I've also used the jump leads and other gimmicks with some success, which helped to justify the purchase
  4. I just took a look at this image on a better screen (I did the processing on a laptop), and my efforts to bring out the red in the nebula seem to have resulted in the star and background colours being a bit reddy/brown. So much to learn!
  5. Had a crack at this lastnight with my TS80/HEQ5 as the sky was fairly clear at around 10pm. By the time I had set everything up and aligned the scope, there was a some thin cloud around and the moon was on the way up, but I still managed to capture 6 usable 90 second unguided images at ISO800 (that's 6 out of 20). I was pleasantly surprised at the captures as they popped up in BackyardEOS, I guess there's a reason why people talk about M27 as a good "beginner" object for DSO imaging. There have been some better M27's posted recently, but I think I have plenty of room for improvement with my setup. Stacked in DSS and manipulated with GIMP to bring out some colour. Also heavily cropped too as my telescope only has 480mm FL. Have a great weekend everyone.
  6. I was planning to make a big post about this, but my points are mostly covered already. The alignment is very quick, and I often use mine on a table or windowsill (more rigid than the tripod providing you don't knock it!). I use batteries and have never had any related problems.
  7. I received one of those Gerber Recon task torches (see Amazon) for this purpose as a gift. It wouldn't have been my choice, but I've grown to like it. Not too bright in 'red' mode either.
  8. Thanks for the kind comments. I think the fuzziness is down to using ISO1600 (which is probably a bit much for my camera) and only being able to use 4 of the lights.
  9. I was in this position a week or two back - I went down the laptop route and now use Backyard EOS to control the camera. I can't see myself ever needing anything else, and with your camera I think you'll benefit from the live-view as well (which will help with focussing too).
  10. The advice above seems good. All of the significant purchases for my current AP setup have been 2nd hand (from ABS) and it's been a great experience so far. I track all of my purchases in a spreadsheet (sad I know..) and it's currently showing a 43% saving on internet "new" price. I'm sure I'll get burned at some point, but up until now it's been a pleasure deal with the folks advertising on Astro Buy Sell. If ever you get worried that somebody doesn't actually own the thing they claim to be selling, ask them to put a tea-bag on it and re-take the pictures. That'll catch em out
  11. I really like that - I'd like to have a go at M57 but I think it might be a challenge due to my scope only having 480mm focal length. One question, I see you've taken 30 bias frames. I've seen comments elsewhere saying that it isn't necessary to take bias frames on Canon DSLR's as they do this automatically each time a picture is taken? I don't know whether that's correct or not, but I dare say someone will be along to clarify
  12. I posted my first pic on here the other day - just click the "choose files" button under the "attach files" heading beneath the text editing window and you'll be able to select a file to upload from your local machine. Note that maximum size is 1mb. I see you're using a BMP file, so you may need to save it into an alternative format (PNG or JPG) in order to adhere to the limit.
  13. That's a really nice pic. Sounds like I'm not the only person trying to image through the summer haze
  14. Hi all Thought I'd one of my first DSO images, captured on Thursday night. I've seen some amazing images in the "getting started" forum so I thought posting something more mediocre might encourage others to share their images too I took 20x90s lights at ISO1600 (unguided) and 5 darks. Unfortunately there was a fair amount of wispy cloud around and I was only able to use 4 of the lights. I used Backyard EOS combined with a serial shutter cable for the captures, and stacked with DeepSkyStacker. I then made a few tweaks with GIMP based on some helpful forum posts on the matter. Here's a crop of the image: I'm looking forward to some clearer nights, as I'm hopeful that I can improve upon this!
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