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  1. The first commercial launch of Space X Falcon Heavy now Weds 10th April at 2335 BST.

  2. I have just done the same thing myself and also with 10x50 binoculars.
  3. The Moon and Venus; beautiful crescent twins in the dawn skies this morning.

  4. A new moon so good conditions if the skies allow. Mars and Neptune will be separated by only 8 arcminutes so could make a colourful double in the eyepiece. Note: it may also be a good opportunity to look for Comet 46P/Wirtanen.
  5. Saturn visible just below the crescent moon NOW. 1655 Sunday 11th nov.

  6. I thought it appropriate to share this story. My wife and I recently visited friends in Mid Wales and they asked me to bring along my telescope. It happened to coincide with last month's full moon so not ideal. I noticed some good quality 10x binoculars on the side to which my friend said he has sometimes used them but did not know what to look for or where. A couple of days later we went with our wives to Hay on Wye and while perusing around a book shop I found an old, used hard copy of the above book for £5. Despite the temptation to keep it for myself, it was very well received as one of our parting gifts. I will quizz him next time. :)
  7. This came up on my twitter feed a couple of days ago and I thought you might find it of interest. It is from Philip Metzger who is a University of Central Florida planetary scientist and lead author on the study where he questions how the IAU came to its original classification as to; what is a planet ? He takes issue with the definition of a planet that required it to “clear” its orbit, and it makes interesting reading. https://today.ucf.edu/pluto-planet-research/ https://edition.cnn.com/2018/09/10/world/pluto-planet-status-trnd/index.html?utm_term=image&utm_content=2018-09-12T07%3A52%3A16&utm_source=twCNNi&utm_medium=social This first link is to UCF and the second is a sample news report. Steven
  8. I thought it was poor to miss out the Google X prize (I think the short list has been drawn up and the time extended, I only know about that via Japanese TV as they have a team on the shortlist) as it would have reinforced the multi nation focus on the moon. When ESA said they want to get involved in a manned mission I thought; I hope those astronauts are well prepared for crash landings ! or should it be ?
  9. Available at John Lewis if ordered online, stores from June 1st, avoid the scalpers on Amazon marketplace. Here is a facebook live video with the co-designer.. a 17 year old !! .. demonstrating the model, skip to about 10m 30s.
  10. I think Lego must know that this will be popular judging by the response on social media alone, so I think it will be widely available.
  11. Full review. WOW. http://www.brothers-brick.com/2017/05/10/go-launch-lego-ideas-21309-nasa-apollo-saturn-v-review/
  12. Building the Saturn V transporter will be fun.
  13. Check out what is in the box, even the manual looks amazingly detailed. https://www.promobricks.de/lego-ideas-nasa-apollo-saturn-v-21309-im-review-unboxing/32597 Available from June 1st = early birthday present.
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