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  1. As long as the voltage, amps and polarity of the charger are the same it will work. Not sure what end the skywatchers use though.
  2. The CLS clip filter is a much better, although more expensive, option. Its simple to fit and gives excellent results.
  3. set the canon 450d imaging for 4 hours with the dust cap on scope, left it on after doing some darks!!!!!!
  4. Amazing image, you are very lucky to get such great views of this.
  5. I agree about 20 sec pauses, i also noticed as the temp drops the time it takes to write data to the sd card slightly increases. The data light can be active for about 5 seconds so you would need more than this anyway to allow the image captured to be written.
  6. I believe the software comes on the cd that came with the camera, at least it did with my 450D. It allows you to set exposure times with pauses in-between.
  7. Hope to see a fantastic image from you then, best of luck i am sure the weather will hold up
  8. Amazing detail, i could stare at that for hours and still find new stuff to look at. Its a very bust area of the sky
  9. I would imagine you would be better making adjustments to the image in photoshop to get the desired results. The clip filter will do a pretty good job but leaves a slight blue hue to the image
  10. Thats a good start, pretty impressive for a first light. I am sure there is more to come.
  11. Very nice setup, i suppose its also nice and quick to setup as well
  12. Just make sure you are not pointing your telescope in their direction !!!!!
  13. Good to see people getting involved in this i might just sign up and give it a go.
  14. Focus and exposure is spot on, can be difficult when its so bright.
  15. Can be very elusive due to the low brightness but worth the work in finding it.
  16. How can switching the lights off cost more money????? surely they would be saving money and energy
  17. Could be stray light or dew on the lens, i have also seen this when i push my eye too close to the eyepiece.
  18. I would agree some widefield work would be best to start with, you can experiment with settings and things easily. As mentioned the mount is the real sticking point i would imaging a CG5 mount would be the minimum requirement to get good images.
  19. What could go wrong???? now where do i start. 1. it will probably rain here in the UK 2. there is a chance it will rain here in the UK 3. it may be wet here in the UK 4. Cloud may roll in and ruin the view i love the british summertime, its so predictable, Hope the weather holds out it will be amazing to see, hope you pst the shots when you have them.
  20. Very nice for a quick snap shot, what sort of exposure were they?
  21. Very nice image but i also prefer to see the vibrant colours of jupiter, but it is nice too see a different approach to it.
  22. Yes the brightness of the moon makes it a very easy target to image, its simple enough to get good results with a little patience.
  23. I would just just try prime focus as mentioned the barlow will make exposure time too long for you.
  24. Yes very nice, there is a good sense of achievement when you have an image published.
  25. My thoughts were to lay a damp course on the concrete base where the timber comes in contact, too late now though unless you can jack up the whole thing. Tanalised timber is treated but the lifespan will be severly reduced by being in contact with the concrete. The wood will draw any moisture up through the concrete. Sorry to put a downer on it. I am sure you will get many years out of it but the damp course would have given you more.
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