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  1. Great topic, I also own a Lacerta MGen II. I can't help you with the OAG because I use a 60mm guiding scope on my 80mm triplet Apo and EQ5(grab and Go). And this just works really good. I have no problems finding guiding stars and I'm good to go in about 30/45 minutes. There is one thing I don't really get: Between the lights I take, there is a pretty long pause for about 23 seconds(I timed it). My waiting time is at 3 seconds. And I use the Random Displacement(Dithering). This all works good, but is it common that there is a long waiting time between the shots? 12px dithering does not sound like it should take 20 seconds. I hope someone has the answer for this. See a shot at Orion nebula from a lightpolluted city in The Netherlands. 100x 1 min lights(Dithered), 10 flats, 20 bias. A friend of mine did the stacking and editting.
  2. Thanks for all the answers. I will try extension ring and see how it goes!
  3. Hi guys, I finally got my APO, so I can start imaging! I've got an OAG (Lumicon Easy-Guider Newtonian). Whem I try to screw my T2 ring on. It doesn't fit, beacause of the "shoe" where the guide camera is attached is in the way(Pic below). Someone has an solution for this? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for your answers! When I' m starting AP I have my 8" dobson with me, so that's not a problem. I will keep the 100ED. So the quastion is now, which one I' m gonna buy. My budget was around 350/400 euro's max. But I think I have to adjust it, as I see a lot of 80ED's for 600/700 euro's. The ones I' m currently looking at are: Williams Optics 71ED f/4.9: http://www.astromarket.org/telescopen/refractor---apochromatisch/william-optics/zenithstar-71-ed-f47--incl-flat6a---canon-eos Scientific Explore 80ED Apo f/6: http://www.astromarket.org/telescopen/refractor---apochromatisch/explore-scientific/ed-apo-80mm-f6-triplet Sky-Watcher Evostar BD 80/600: http://www.astromarket.org/telescopen/refractor---apochromatisch/skywatcher/evostar-bd-80-600-apo---fpl53 Starwave 80mm f/7 w/0.8x reducer/flattener: http://www.astromarket.org/telescopen/refractor---apochromatisch/altair---starwave/starwave-80mm-f7-ed-w-08x-reducer-flattener TS 70ED f/6: http://www.astromarket.org/telescopen/refractor---apochromatisch/teleskop-service/ed-70mm-f-6---carbon-tube The last one is also the most cheap one. It dazzles me a bit how much there is, so I' ll take it easy. Don't want to buy a "wrong" AP telescope and have a bad start.
  5. @Chris_suffolk: Interesting! I will read it tomorrow. It's good to know that I can use the EQ5 @lensman: I can see your point. The only thing now is: Which telecope would be good to start with? Can I use my 100ED (f/9)? Or better sell my 100ED and buy a 80ED?
  6. P.S3: The link should be this.. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p1324_William-ZenithStar71---71mm-F5-9-Apo-Refraktor-mit-Rack-Pinion-Okularauszug.html
  7. Alright, so my conclusion is that the scope is not really suitable for AP. But why does it say in the ad that it's ideal for photography? @ronin: My mount is stripped, got new lubricate and is fine-tuned by a professional, so that's a good start I've got a 100ED, but that's a f/9, so I don't see that really suitable for AP. @lensman57: Well, that's good to hear! 9KG is alot for an EQ5, but with good balancing, it is possible. I' m just a beginner, and I realize that I can't take top astrophoto's, yet. But I want to get the feel, see if it's something for me. Are there any alternatives for a small scope for AP? P.S: I can buy the TS 90mm used. But with your advice I probably won't do it.
  8. Hi Guys, So I recently got my Skywatcher EQ5 mount with SynScan connected to my pc and got it working with EQmod, Cartes Du Ciel. So that's good. But is there sdomeone who can tell me more if astrophotograhpy any good with this mount? Is it even possible to get good results? If so, I want to buy this telescope to start imaging. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p3290_TS-Gro-feld-Achromat-90-500mm---2-5--Crayford---Edles-Design.html I have an OAG, Canon 650D and an QHY5l-II mono. Would this be a good beginners setup up? For practicing, getting the feel, learn to process photo's and so on.. Thanks in advance!
  9. It worked! Connected via the handcontroller to usb port on my laptop(which runs, luckely, EQMOD better than my PC). Select the right port, location, ST-4 and GO. Tested it out with the controllers in EQMOD and it worked immediatly. Then started CdC, connected with ASCOM/EQMOD, selected a star in CdC and it slewed right to it. Thanks all, i'm very happy!
  10. Seltaeb

    Hi all

    Thank you for the warm welcome! Indeed we can move away to some great night skies. But I must say i'm always trying to tell people about the light pollution. That they don't need so much light in there backyards. I also try to make them aware that it's bad for nature, not just because we want to see the stars I think that if we all unite and tell people, and so they realize, light pollution is bad, that it hopefully get somewhat better. I will check out the DIY section, thanks!
  11. Thank you all for the quick answers. I' m going test it this afternoon!
  12. Thanks for all the answers! I can imagine that the guidecamera to mount is the easiest way. I' m definitly gonna try this(and use this for photographing). But I also like to use my laptop with Stellarium/Cartes du Ciel to control my mount. If i' m gonna try the latter, i've got to connect to the handcontroller with the whte cable and then use the USB to Serial to connect to my PC, right? That should work?
  13. Seltaeb

    Hi all

    Hi all, I' m a stargazer from The Netherlands. Trying to look at the stars through a lot of light pollution. I currently own a Skywacther EQ5 SynScan with Skywatcher 100mm ED APO, an 8" Dobson and a 10" newton. For the 10" i' m planning to build o rockerbox, and later will look at the possibilities to upgrade this with motors. See you around! Bastiaan (Bas)
  14. Thank you for this! I own a QHY5L-II guide camera. I will try this a soon as possible! The alternate way, which I thought was the only way, how do you connect the handset to laptop/PC? Is it with the same cables I use which i mentioned in my first post? @auspom: I don't believe it's the same cable. I' m having trouble controlling the mount via laptop/PC. This EQdir cable, is it something like this? https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5259_Poseidon-USB-Adapter-for-Skywatcher-EQ3--EQ5--HEQ5-SkyScan.html
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