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  1. Seems I was wrong and I can post links :-) So: https://code.google.com/r/fmederos-droidsat/source/browse#hg%2Fbin Regards, Fernando
  2. Hi, I have not tried it on the field yet but have run some indoor mocks using a clone of DroidSat (android app) to control a Celestron 127slt and it seems to be able to keep the pace of ISS. A Bluetooth link to a NexStar scope is the only setup currently supported by this app. In any case I don't expect the azimuth servo motor to be able to keep up during an overhead pass... Oh, the app is available from Google code, it is open source and the clone which supports Celestron control is fmederos-clone. Sorry but I can't post links on this forum. Regards!, Fernando
  3. iand_d, It's been a while since your post so I don't know if you are still in need for this holder but we have recently machined some replacement NexStar holders from white plastic material. They are sold thru eBay.
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