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  1. Oops, seven years... it's a long time. But i have some pics more recent with the Sun.
  2. My home made mask is a Bahtinov simplified at maximum. I used mosquito net. It practically costed me nothing. How it looks intra and extrafocal see video:
  3. And a slightly improved version...
  4. Sorry for late reply. My webcam (yes, it is a webcam) is modified and I put it into an eyepiece tube. So, it's easy to connect it with the Powermate.
  5. A good laptop is essential for astrophotography. And you'll need a good one. Good (long lasting) battery, good (new and fast) processor, good (very fast) storage, good USB(3). Don't waste your money for a Celeron based laptop. Unfortunatelly, prices of laptops (at least in my country) have risen sharply since the pandemic and since the people work from home. I had your dilema and in the end i choose a Lenovo with R5 4500U, 512 GB SSD (PCIx), 8 GB RAM, even if it cost me more than your specified budget. I would not buy ever a SH laptop. My 2 cents... PS: please excuse my poor english.
  6. I made first capture using my new camera, ZWO ASI 462 MC. I also used my little Mak 127 and Televue Powermate 2.5x. Also a video:
  7. I managed to observe and capture this magnificent comet, probably the comet of the decade or even two decades... I have more pictures but the best is from yesterday night...
  8. This is my PocoF1 capture using Gcam port@2x SuperRes. Note that the comet is under Ursa Major constellation.
  9. lenscap, barkingsteve and Chefgage, thanks for the appreciations for my CoronaVenus.
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