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  1. I have managed to get out tonight, first time in ages. Seeing is very good here although transparency is not 100%. Jupiter is showing plenty of detail, I can see what looks like a loop of darker material creating, what looks like, a white spot. About the same size as the GRS. Cannot shot any video tonight so hope somebody else gets some.
  2. Congratulations to the Ligo team, another big step forward in understanding the universe.
  3. I recorded the show and watched it later, mostly fast forward through the ISS content. The Pluto info was OK, there was better material about the ISS on the after show including the recoilless hammer, clever. Maybe this program should make use of the Red button with the other feeds showing live video from several scopes, from the astro group outside, when the weather permits ?
  4. I don't think anybody's mentioned Questar. http://www.questarcorporation.com/questar.htm
  5. Hi, I don't think I would swap either although the 17 mm 70 dg makes more of a case for itself. I would be looking at a 32 mm plossl or perhaps a 24 mm 68dg which would provide a 1 dg true field. http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/explore-scientific-68-maxvision-eyepieces-125.html
  6. I would say it's the seeing that's causing it. Do you have houses nearby or other heat sources ? The Jet stream is also quite strong over a big part of UK tonight which will limit detail visible beyond around 200x.
  7. When I read this - "The Government is publishing the UK’s first ever National Space Policy – firmly placing the UK on the global stage for future space programmes." I could not help thinking of this - Hyperdrive (TV series) "The crew of the HMS Camden Lock have an important mission: to protect the interests of Great Britain in and ever-changing galaxy."
  8. It's nice to see some Hi res images coming back https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/the-mountainous-shoreline-of-sputnik-planum
  9. There would be no difference in view with both scopes working at 100x. Try this link to see how eyepieces work in various scopes at different f ratio's. http://12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm
  10. As you have the mount perhaps consider a C8, at 5.6 kg it's usefully lighter than the C9.25 at 9 kg. Not a huge reduction in optical performance but the mount would cope much better.
  11. The story of Lovell and Jodrell Bank would make a great film. Maybe something like this -
  12. There is no specific distance as such, an inch one way or the other is not a problem. just mount conveniently on the front of the scope.
  13. If the barlow/eyepiece combination worked first time it still should, it might be worth checking collimation to see if it's moved.
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