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  1. Hello all. As the title says , just wondering if we have shows like NEAF in the UK? I have taken a break from the hobby,but i would like to start up again and see what latest gear is out now. Cheers.
  2. I take it the standard RGB filters for viewing are no good?
  3. Hi all First real attempt of jupiter for me. Seeing was pretty good for a change. Taken from my back garden in Rubery,Birmingham. I used a Skywatcher 200p with a 2.5 barlow. QHY5L-II mono Firecapture with Jupiter profile selected. 1500 frames captured at resolution 640 x 480. Gain=13 Exposure 24.00 Processed in registax and coral paint pro 7.
  4. Hi asmmargod. I can't help you with the object you have photographed. But it looks to me that you are not focused in properly. Just looking at the star to the far right it looks like you can see the spider viens in the star.
  5. Set the mount up last night. Very pleased with how it moves now. Much smoother and sounds much better.
  6. Well im due to have my mount back Tuesday. Sent it to Graham at astrotec and the service has been great. He sends you a picture of your mount in bits lol. And also a presentation video of it working after the work is done. Thanks for the recommendation . I will go back when i decide to have the belt mod. Here is the picture of it in bit's.
  7. How much does the belt mod cost? Herd good things about that and I may aswell kill two birds with one stone and have that done.
  8. Thanks alot Quite cheap aswell for the amount of work involved.
  9. Hello. I was wondering if anyone does a complete strip down and reworking of a neq6 service. I have seen astrobabys guide and although it's very clear and precise. I am very hamfisted and not confidant in doing it myself. Does anyone off a paid service perhaps? Cheers
  10. I seem to have got it right. it's very solid and won't move a muscle. What i did was screw the clamp into the bottom of the ST80 bush type tripod. then still having the dovetail turned upside down it fits snug into the clamp and is now solid and inplace right. i will try it out tonight and see how it goes. Thanks for all the help. If i seem to have any trouble with it i shall try the method you mentioned.
  11. I knew something was not right. I had been told by a chap from FLO that this is all i needed. So do i need a total different dove tail then the skywatcher one? Bit confused now, as i feel what i was told i would need is totally wrong. Clear night here aswell tonight so i guess i will have to keep the ST80 indoors and use the 9x50.
  12. Hi all i am just wondering if anyone else has this setup? i purchased a adm clamp,st80 and SW dovetail as i was advised using guide rings throws a risk of flex when guiding. And that using this method is more solid. I am not sure if i have assembled it up right. On the ADM clamp there are two holes but i am only about to screw it into one hole on the dovetail bar. I also had to turn the dovetail bar upside down so the screws provided could catch and tighten. I then clamped the base of the st80 into the clamp and everything seems solid enough. but i have this feeling i haven't got it setup right. Added a few pictures to help understand a bit more. Cheers
  13. Yep sorry. It was suggested that adding a OAG into the chain would give me to much spacing and that i would most likely not gain focus.
  14. Hi all I have been looking into OAG. I contacted FLO asking them if my setup would be okay to be able to use a OAG and was told that it probably wouldn't work with my setup. I spoke to martin who gave me some good information and advised me to pop on SGL to see if anyone with my setup has found a way for a OAG to work. I use the following setup.... Skywatcher 200p(newer black version) SW coma Corrector canon 1100d QHY5L-II as a guider NEQ6 If it's the case that i can't use a OAG then i will just stick with the guide scope method and perhaps get myself a ST80. Thanks
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