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  1. Hello So I take it the person does not need to have technical knowledge of the c11 they just need to be your steady hands. I hope you find someone to help you soon Dave
  2. Hello Is this the company your looking for www.astroparts.co.uk Dave
  3. Hello The side road street lights go off here at 1.00am at the moment and although it does make a difference there is still a vast amount of LP from Bournemouth going up into the sky. The relatively dim light coming from a DSO already struggles against the more powerful orange glow being thrown upwards. When the orange glow is replaced by a white glow from LED's backyard Astronomy in urban areas will come to an end, think about it a white light does not allow your eyes to get fully dark adapted. Even my darker sky site i drive to has the orange glow from 2 cities on the horizons what will this be like with a white glow. However directional the LED's will be light bounces and a lot of that bounce will be up. This will be a very serious problem for amateur astronomy. Just my thoughts Dave
  4. Try again with the link http://www.anyfoam.co.uk/sheet-foam.php
  5. Hello http://www.anyfoam.co.uk/sheet-foam.php A website supplying foam sheets that are perfect and cheap. I ordered from them a 1m x 1m x 5mm closed cell foam sheet it arrived and along with some sticky back velcro from robert dyas(cheap) made a shield for my 250px dob, I've made it to pertrud 12". This was tried out last night at quite a windy location and worked perfectly. They do thicker closed foam 10mm which would also work but I found the 5mm to be fine. All the camping mats I looked at were either too thick to thin or not black. Thanks Dave
  6. Hello Welcome to SGL Dave
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    Hello Welcome to SGL Dave
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    Hello Welcome to SGL Dave
  9. Hello Welcome to SGL Dave
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    Hello Welcome to SGL Dave
  11. Hello Welcome to SGL Dave
  12. Hello Welcome to SGL Dave
  13. Hello Welcome to SGL Dave
  14. Hello Welcome to SGL Dave
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