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  1. After 22 months of hard work, the Elan Valley Estate in Mid Wales has been given a Dark Sky Park award (Silver Tier) from the International Dark Sky Association. More information here: https://www.facebook.com/EVastronomy/posts/532035410281851 https://www.facebook.com/EVastronomy
  2. Moon Watch 28 April 2015 Event time: from 7.30pm Location: Meet at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre Join us at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre from 7.30pm. Bring your own telescopes/binoculars or view through other instruments provided. Bring your own camera / smartphone and try some simple lunar photography. If cloudy, we'll have a talk and video session about the moon. Enquiries: Contact 01597 810880 or email at elanvalleyastronomyATyahoo.co.uk
  3. Join the Elan Valley Astronomers and view this 90% eclipse of the Sun on March 20th, visible from approx 08.30am to 10.30am. Clear skies permitting, we will be at either: Site 1 – Banc y Defaid bridge SN: 876 733 or Site 2 – Penrhiw-wen depending on conditions. SN: 920 708 Telescopes will be available to safely view this event, and incase we are clouded out, the Elan Valley Visitor Centre will be open from 8.30am to view the event via TV and web. REMEMBER – NEVER view the Sun directly without specially filtered optics. Please phone 01597 810880 for more details or send a PM.
  4. Ah, that looks like Llyn Brianne, Mike? South of the Elan Valley, looking Northward........very quiet down there....
  5. He does do a bit of astro as well, quite a competent astro-imager, too. He has run some of our Solar outreach events at the Visitor Centre, which have been very popular!
  6. (Photo: Sorcha Lewis) Elan Valley’s IDA Dark Sky Status Application Progress: Going for Gold After three years of field research and astronomy outreach, Elan Valley’s application to be recognised as a Dark Sky area has finally been completed and is on its way to the International Dark-Sky Association, an organisation established in 1988 to raise awareness of encroaching man-made light pollution to protect the quality of the night sky. This is a unique application; for unlike many others, this has been authored by two enthusiastic volunteers on a budget, with help from the Elan Estate, Dwr Cy
  7. Geminids Meteor Shower at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre 13 December 2014 at 9pm This shower dominates the meteor observing in December which at their peak, produce higher observed rates than Perseids in August. Bring a lounger or camping chair for your viewing comfort. Call 01597 810880 for more information and to book.
  8. An Elan Valley Astronomy Dark Sky Event. In the late afternoon of 25th October, the Moon will appear to "occult" or pass in front of the Planet Saturn. This will be a challenging observation, seen with tripod mounted binoculars or telescopes only. Since the event will be low in the SW sky, we suggest viewing from the Penrhiw wen roadside pull-ins at grid ref SN 921706. This event is NOT AT THE VISITORS CENTRE ! The occultation starts at 16.59 BST and ends with the reappearance of Saturn at around 18.04 BST. Potential observers should give themselves plenty of time to locate the Moon and Sa
  9. Join the Elan Valley Dark Skies Astro Rangers for a 5,913,000,000 kilometer** voyage to the outer edges of our Solar System on the 19th September 2014. En route we will be discovering the planets set out to scale along the trail. Skies permitting, we will be able to observe various celestial objects… so feel free to bring along your own binoculars. Since we will be walking faster than the speed of light, we anticipate total walking time to be around 2 hours. This walk will be following the cycle trail, so should be suitable for all abilities. Well behaved dogs are welcome to join us on a le
  10. Everyone is welcome to join us ... We will be meeting at Caban Coch car park ...Grid Ref SN923645...which is just above the Elan Valley visitor centre. Observing will start at 9pm... from near the top of Caban Coch Dam :rolleyes: Special guests will be Jupiter and Mars...including a 5 day old Moon which will occult Lambda Gemini starting at 9.15pm until approx. 9.39pm :shocked: This is a weather dependant event...if unsure about weather conditions please contact 01597 810880 up to 1hr prior to the start time. If you have a telescope or tripod mounted binoculars please bring them along too :s
  11. Everyone is welcome to join us... Meeting at the Caban Coch Car Park ( Grid Ref SN923645 ) which is just above the Elan Valley visitor centre...we will be observing from near the top of Caban Coch Dam. Observing starts at 9pm..special guests will be Jupiter and Mars...including a 5 day old Moon which will occult Lambda Gemini at 9.15pm until approx 9.39pm. This is a weather dependant event...if unsure about the weather conditions, please contact 01597 810880 up to 1hr prior to the start time. If you have a telescope or tripod mounted binoculars please bring them along too. Check out www.elanv
  12. At the Elan Visitor Centre on Saturday 22nd March there will be a Pop-up Planetarium! Great for the family to learn a little more about our universe Shows at 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00. for more info http://www.darkskywales.org/services/digital-planetarium
  13. http://www.elanvalley.org.uk/events/2014-03 Join us at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre from 10.30am for A Closer Look at the Sun with Gary Palmer. Using Solar scopes and filters he will be able to show you the Sun in a 'different light' To book please phone 01597 818880 or contact by email ... elanrangers@dwrcymru.com Thank you for looking
  14. This is your chance to get a really close look at the Sun! :cool2: ...SAFELY!!! :cool2: Led by expert Gary Palmer, who will be using solar scopes to show you the sun like you've never seen it before. Meet us at Elan Valley Visitor Centre from 10.30am. FREE for everyone :grin: See http://www.elanvalley.org.uk/events/2014-03 for more details and facilities available at the VC. The surrounding landscape of the Elan Valley is quite spectacular too ...so why not enjoy a whole day out exploring near and 'far' :cheesy: Thank you for looking :wink:
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