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  1. Here's an update: Sad to say that I had to say goodbye to this telescope and return it. There was just no solution to this problem. I didn't want to hang on to the telescope if it was really defective. .I also did not get any response back from LA Astro Society. Sadness....
  2. Ha ha. It really is a brain teaser. It's getting the best of me...really frustrating. No joy with the Astro Society. They haven't replied back to me yet. Hope they are not ignoring my message
  3. Hello Joves. Thanks for your advice. You had the same problem?!? What do you mean you had left the bottom clear cap on the Ethos? Any pictures you can post so I can understand better?
  4. Hello. I haven't received any replies from LA Astro Society. I don't know what to do.....
  5. Grrr...I'm not sure why it's still giving me problems! Sorry, but I really don't know anyone who knows about this stuff. Hmm....
  6. You got it. Here are the pictures as requested. However, I'm getting a hard time to get a picture of an a focal view through the eyepiece. With that said, here are the two pictures. Hope it helps! Here is picture 1 ( picture of the tube from the front): here is the 2nd picture of the focused without an eyepiece...
  7. Hi all, Hope all of you had a great Christmas! Here's an update: I received my new eyepieces as a replacement of the old ones. However, I am still getting blurry images.... even with the new eyepieces. I suspect it has something to do with the 'scope. I also messaged the LA Astro Society, but haven't received a reply yet. I think they're on holiday break. I'm really getting frustrated. I really don't want to return this 'scope. Help! Please? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello. Thanks for your concern. No I didn't get in contact with LA Astro Soc yet. I'm still waiting for the replacement of my eyepiece to come in the mail. I'm going to see if the new eyepiece will help solve the problem first. Also, right now, Christmas is coming up in a couple of days so I think no one would be working. Happy Holidays everyone!
  9. No problem Mark and it's not a rush. Take your time since I'm waiting for the new eyepiece to be shipped to me. Now you mentioned the factory could've put a spherical in it and not para? What does that mean? Any illustration/picture to show that?
  10. Yes please. It may help. Thanks Mark! Right now it's been raining like cats and dogs here in L.A. so I can't go out to do testing. I believe it's going to rain the whole day and night today. Boooo
  11. UPDATE: A guy from Celestron Support is going to send me another eyepiece free of charge. How nice of him is that? Hopefully when I get the new eyepiece, it will work this time around. If not, it's probably the telescope? Anyway, Ill update you all when I receive the new eyepiece and if whether or not it works. Thanks everyone! I really do appreciate your help. Happy Holidays!
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