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  1. Might also be worth cleaning all that old grease off and using a silicon based one have read something somewhere about stripping a mount down and regreasing.
  2. Whilst i use Tom's excellent piece of kit on my eq5 (not much use at the mo) have you thought about using HitechAstro EQDir along with eqmod (which you will need anyway with either option) as then you only need to purchase the cable from FLO to connect your laptop to your mount.
  3. Cracking picture unfortunately we had a few flashes and rumbles and a load of cloud last night.
  4. I took several short videos of Jupiter back in April from my very light polluted garden. I processed them but wasn't really very happy. Just had another go at processing one of them in Registax 6 and was a little bit more aggressive with the wavelets. Quite pleased with what came out. Jupiter 06-04-15.bmp
  5. Personally i think its cracking just the way it is. Almost a plasma ball type look to Alnitak which i suppose technically you could say it is.
  6. The word's fantastic, amazing, incredible etc do not do your picture justice it is truely inspersational and i feel will never cease to amaze those of us that have looked and those still yet to. Hats off to you guys.
  7. First attempt at astrophotography with a Canon EOS1000d. I brought it second hand of fleabay without any lenses and used an old Tessar 50mm @ f4 piggy backed on my Astromaster 130eq. 20 x 15 sec Darks 20 x 10 sec Lights 20 x 15 sec Lights 19 x 25 sec Lights Plus flats all at iso 800 and stacked in DSS and a quick play in PS. Please be gentle with me!!!
  8. Cracking picture Rob. Looking to treat myself to the 130PDS.
  9. Hi Jon and welcome to SGL. I'm just across the harbour to you and also learning. Haven't quite spent as much as you yet but slowly getting there
  10. Thanks Tom my AstroEQ box arrived today. Got it set up and running like a dream indoors. Now just waiting for clear skies to get out there and give it a good run.
  11. Hi David, I own an EQ5 with the dual axis kit having upgraded from the mount that came with my 130EQ. I brought it second hand from a chap on astro buy and sell.The reason i went down this route is because there is a nifty little piece of kit called AstroEQ (http://www.astroeq.co.uk/index.php) that is made by a member of this forum. At the moment he is busy with Uni exams but i believe he will be finishing them soon. If you read these posts (http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/188877-astroeq-for-eq-mounts/) it will explain his system a lot better. The main thing is it is cheaper than both a CG5
  12. Images like yours just go to show what can be achieved by backyard astronomers. Fantastic image.
  13. jonnopfc


    hello and welcome to SGL
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