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  1. Hi Alan, I can't really comment on better quality optics, as I've not really tried anything particularly high-end. However, I would suggest more aperture as another option. I really enjoy the views through my Celestron 20x80s, and they weren't madly expensive. Kev
  2. @BinocularSky Thanks Steve. I've been looking for the Sky at Night group test I read, but I can't find it now (though I have found mention of it: http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/forum/helios-binoculars-t78861.html). The Naturesport were definitely recommended (and form memory were quoted as the 'best sub £120 bins' available. It's just that, seeing others saying how great they were, started me thinking that, perhaps, mine were a duff pair. Kev
  3. Hi there, Baader Wonder Fluid is great for getting rid of eyelash marks : https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-optics-cleaning-protection/baader-optical-wonder-fluid.html Kev
  4. Hi Victor, Yes! I think it was seeing them mentioned in your signature, and reading one of your posts that prompted me to write. Until I read your report, I figured that that's how 80 quid binoculars were going to be. I don't think it's a collimation issue, in that I can get both eye views to a single image. It's just the distortion that affects the outer third of the fov. I actually wrote a review on FLO's website shortly after receiving them, but, being them a present, and not being very expensive, I didn't think of sending them back (and it didn't bother me too much at the start anyway). Now, though, they're hardly getting any use at all because of the 'issue'. Cheers, Kev.
  5. Funny enough, I was prompted to write my post as a result of reading one of your previous reports ...
  6. Hi, I got a pair of these a couple of years ago, and straightaway noticed that stars in the outer third or so of the fov were stretched, and there was a definite ballooning/pin-cushioning of the view as I panned across the sky. The centre of the fov is great, and so I figured that, for the price, they were as good as they were going to be. However ... I had bought them as a result of reading a Sky ay Night review that placed them as the best sub-£120 10x50 binos in the test. I've also read lots of very positive reviews of them here on SGL, at least one describing the optics as very good. Do I have a bad pair? Kev.
  7. Well, that little adaptor works perfectly! Well happy
  8. Good plan ?. I've ordered the adaptor, with next day delivery, so will report back soon. Kev
  9. Cheers. Seems obvious now that I've seen them, but, not being a photography buff, I didn't even know that such devices existed! Thanks! Kev
  10. Hmmm ... this one looks more like it ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00P63E1XS/ref=psdc_1330832031_t2_B00Y0K2NAG
  11. Hi Charic, I agree, Steve's site is a goldmine. As for the opticron part, I'd prefer not to use a bracket of that type. What do you reckon to this, though: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Andoer-Universal-Adapter-Release-Compatible/dp/B01LZ87MLK/ref=sr_1_19?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1518282756&sr=1-19&keywords=head+quick+release It appears to be what I need .. in that there's a plate to attach to the tripod head, and a quick release bit that I can leave on the centre bar of the bins ... Kev
  12. Hi Steve, Charic, Do you have links to those? A C bracket and the opticron mount? Cheers, Kev
  13. Cheers Charic, That's the sort of thing, except instead of an L-bracket, something that fits onto the centre bar fitting, rather than the end ... Kev
  14. Cheers Steve, I was thinking more along the lines of, perhaps, some sort of a quick release thing, with a base I can leave on the tripod, and a 'shoe' I can leave attached to the centre bar of the bins. It's off-putting to be messing around with screws every time. Kev
  15. Hi, I have an old Manfrotto tripod that I use for my Celestron 20x80 binos. As you (hopfully) can see from the pix, I use the screw in the tripod head to directly attach to the bino mount. Is there an adaptor I could use to make it easier to get the binos on and off? I don't know what the tripod model is. Cheers, Kev
  16. Hi all, I'm really looking forward to this, but will have to hold off on booking it till closer to the time. Be great to meet you all there. Kev.
  17. Hiya, how about a second hand 6- or 8-inch skywatcher dobsonian ... like this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/skywatcher-200p-dobsonian-telescope/273047872965?hash=item3f92ebe5c5:g:4roAAOSwUd9aXmui Kev
  18. Hi Neil, There's a 12 inch OTA on Astroboot.eu (but with a 10in base): Would your DIY skills be up to modding the base, or building new one? With regard to the Lunt 20mm, that's (AFAIK) the same as a Skywatcher Myriad 20mm, which can be had for a lot less ... (and is amazing!). Kev
  19. Hi Neil, I went for a solid tube. I think flex-tubes are ideal for scopes larger than 10in, but I like the solidity of the 250PX. The primary mirror never dews up, the secondary only very rarely. With the solid tube you don't have to think about getting a shroud either. Looking at the EPs in your signature, I do feel you'll be looking to change them at some point of you go for the faster 10 inch. It is hard on plossls, and I have tried starguiders with mine, and did see distortion around the edges of the fov. I had a 24mm ES Maxvision for a good while, and though a great EP, I did tire of the pin cushioning after a while (Skywatcher Myriad 20mm is an amazing replacement!). Can't comment on orthos as I haven't tried them with a 250PX, but given the focal length and fov, I shouldn't think edge-of-fov-distortion would be an issue. Kev
  20. Hi Neil, I'm sure you've already done this, but just in case, I'd recommend adding the settings for the 10in and the 12in scopes you have in mind into Stellarium (diameter, focal length), along with the eyepieces you have, and comparing the 'views' on some familiar targets ... The extra focal length of a 12 will give more mag with a given eyepiece than you'll get with a 10. That also means a reduction in true field of view. With my 20mm Myriad in my 250PX, for example, I can see pretty much all of the Beehive cluster, and likewise with the Pleiades. With a 12in scope, though, they don't fit in the fov. In my experience, from a dark site there'll be little to choose between the performance between a 10 and a 12. In fact, I recently did a brief side-by-side comparison between my 250PX and a 14in dob with an OO mirror. I only got to view the Whale galaxy, but I felt it looked better (sharper, clearer) in the 250! Further, in light polluted skies, I'd suggest a 10in would offer slightly better contrast due to the lesser aperture (it would be slight, though). Having switched up from a 130/900 Skywatcher Explorer to a 250PX myself, I feel pretty confident in saying that you wouldn't be disappointed making the same leap; the difference is mind-blowing. I've had my 10inch for about three years now, and absolutely love it. Sometimes I think I would get a 12 if buying again, but only ever briefly. Kev
  21. Hi Neil, You can't really go wrong with a 10inch dob. It's easy to move (in two bits or even for short hops as one). BST starguiders seem to work fine with the f4.7 ratio, but there are lots of alternative EPs if you so desire (the Explore Scientific 82 degree range is very good). 12 inch Skywatchers are also manageable, but are pushing it a little. 10-inchers seem to come up for sale regularly, for around £300, leaving you plenty in budget for a nice ES eyepiece ... Best advice would be to see of you can take a go on one, as it were, at a star party / club night. Kev
  22. Hi Paul, I've been to 'the Welsh one' I think 7 times, maybe 8, and can definitely recommend it. Great fun, great atmosphere, ace people, and, sometimes amazing skies ? Kev
  23. Hi Paul, there's the Astrocamp in South Wales in April : http://astrocamp.awesomeastronomy.com Kev
  24. Cheers guys, Whilst I was lucky enough to stick with the hobby, despite a couple of crappy 'beginner' scopes that almost put me off the hobby, I do wonder, though, how many Xmas beginner scopes are headed to attics/charity shops/ebay/gumtree, when they could be being used, and inspiring people instead of putting them off. I know there are books and magazines (not to mention fantastic forums like this one), but there is a lot of often conflicting information out there ... and it's really hard to get it right, or even partly right. I just think that if manufacturers set a minimum beginner setup (like I said, alt/az only, no EQ, decent finder/red dot), they'd end up getting more business in the long run. Although no-one ever gets the right scope for them first time, i reckon there'd be a lot more people engaged with the hobby, joining forums and clubs, campaigning about light pollution, etc if they weren't so put off by 'not-fit-for-purpose' scopes. Anyway, just my 2¢, Kev
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