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  1. Hi there, With the bank holiday weekend looking, and the moon and weather looking favourable, I was thinking about an observing session on the Isle of Purbeck on Sunday night (near Creech/Steeple). Anyone up for joining me? Kev
  2. Hi Gert, I prefer to just use a collimation cap when collimating my 250PX. I do have a Baader laser collimator, but when I set up the scope with it, and then look through the collimation cap, I don't see all the primary mirror clips equally. A quick tweak of the primary again, using the cap, and all's well. I believe that, if, when viewed through the cap, the secondary looks round, all primary clips are visible, and the center spot is bang on you're good to go. You don't need to do anything else. Kev.
  3. Maybe not. I believe the ES versions are better corrected for fast scopes than the MaxVision variety.
  4. To be fair, I didn't notice it to begin with either (is yours the MaxVision type?). It took a couple of years before I got to the point that I always saw it and struggled to not see it. Maybe I'll start noticing it more with the Myriad after a while...
  5. FWIW, I don't use a paracor with my f4.7 scope, and I doubt I'll bother. The 20mm Myriad does show a tiny amount of coma at the extreme edge of the FOV, but it's so much less than, for example, my previous low power EP (a 24mm MaxVision). You really have to seek it out. Kev
  6. Hi Neil, I can definitely recommend the Myriad 20mm (or its equivalents) in a 250PX. It's my most used EP, and quite often gets fitted at the start of the night and just stays there. Second fave is the ES 82 deg 8.8mm. I'm currently looking for something in between (to replace my 16mm, 68 deg MaxVision which has quite tight eye relief and relatively small fov). Don't yet have the funds for that one yet Kev
  7. Sadly, I've decided to wimp out of this weekend. The forecast is just too unsettled. Totally gutted. Kev
  8. Not connected to this in any way, but thought it looked interesting: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/231735397396695 Kev
  9. Hiya, I use a Manfrotto tripod for my 20x80s. I'm about 6ft tall, so the tripod's not tall enough for me to use standing up, so I sit on a stool (the drum stool that I use with my dob). Works really well. Kev
  10. Ah, okay. I haven't tried doing it that way, preferring instead to just control-click on a new app the first time, and select 'open' Kev
  11. Hi James, and greetings from Piddletrenthide Kev
  12. Hi Gav, I think it's different in different versions of OS. I've just checked and, in High Sierra, I only have this option now: Kev
  13. Hi there, Rather than go down the System Preferences route, and allow all applications from unknown developers, how I get round it is to find the application in the Applications folder (you should drag the icon there in the first place), hold the control key on the keyboard and click on the application icon. You'll get a pop out menu, one item in which is 'Open' ... Kev
  14. Hi there, I have a pair of 20x80s. I mount them on an old Manfrotto 190 tripod via a quick release camera adaptor that I got from Amazon for about a tenner. When I want to look higher in the sky, I sit on a drum stool between the tripod legs. I would start by looking at the brighter objects (moon, Pleiades, bright stars), so you get used to using the binoculars and finding your way around. Also, Stellarium on a computer does a pretty good job of simulating what you can expect to see. This is how I've got Stellarium set up to show what to expect ... Kev
  15. Hi @Nyctimene, I was inspired to try for Hickson 44 after reading your post, and last night I went for it with the 10-inch. I started with my 20mm Myriad (x60), and easily found the brighter two galaxies. Once in the right area, I switched in the Explore Scientific 8.8mm (x136), and, just like you said in your post, the third emerged after a couple of minutes. The last one (3187) took longer, but after about 15 minutes of letting the scene drift across the FOV I spotted it ... then it was gone ... then back again Really thrilled to have nabbed this little cluster (and from the back garden!). It's a cracking target. Kev
  16. Hi Steve, Thanks for confirming that there's actually nothing wrong with them, that is good to know, and thanks for your feedback on my review. I'd better start saving Will you be send them to the address they were collected from? Kev
  17. It certainly is. I had a cracking session from the back garden the other night. The Beehive cluster was a clear, bright patch, likewise the double cluster. Even managed to view the flame neb (with UHC filter) for the first time
  18. Good plan. I'll arrange something for she gets back.
  19. Hi all, thought I'd post an update on my contact with Longhorns (first my email): Hi Sally, I'm sure I and a number of other local stargazers would be keen to take you up on your kind offer. How do you see it working? Would it be for organised public sessions, would sessions be organised for the to perhaps help being campers to the site? Would access be available to one or two stargazers to turn up (once checked that it's okay with you) for a quiet few hours by themselves? All of the above? Could I, for example, pass on your details to others in the area? In the meantime, I've put a post on a stargazing forum, mentioning that there are a number of possible sites available for astronomers in Dorset, and there seems to be a good level of interest. We really are very lucky in this part of the world, in that once out of the towns, we do have very good dark skies. And Longhorn's reply: Thank you for your email, we are open to suggestions to work along side you, perhaps more organised events which could be open to campers if you felt that this was appropriate. I am away from Friday until next Thursday , but more than happy to meet at Longthorns and show you what we have to offer. I wonder if Longhorns might be something better suited to formal stargazing sessions, perhaps organised by the WAS, than to single or small groups of stargazers ...? Any thoughts o that front? Kev
  20. Hi again, I guess, if those who are interested just follow this thread, then we can use it to suggest times and places for meet ups and take it form there. I'll follow up on the Longthorns site later today, and will report back. Kev
  21. Hi there, So, here’s what I’m thinking (apologies for the ramble). A few things came together to prompt my original post. • The first was that I was out at one of my sites on Friday last, the sky was super dark and glittery, and I thought I really should let others know about this place (the land owner’s happy for me to bring people up there (it’s just off the main Dorchester to Sherborne road, between Cerne Abbas and Piddletrenthide where I live). I do like to ask whenever I plan to go up there, but he’s always happy for me go go ahead. • The second thing (and bear with me): Last year I did some public stargazing sessions as part of a local initiative called ‘Try This’, based in Dorchester. The sessions were very popular, and, as a result, I was asked to come along to a meeting in preparation for this years event. I met someone there who said I’d be welcome to use her farm for stargazing sessions (apparently it’s super dark, though quite near to Dorchester. I haven’t been able to check it out yet, but again, she said she’d be happy for me to bring people up there. • The third thing was that, again via Try This, I was contacted yesterday with this: “Thanks for the information regarding your two stargazing sessions. I will check the diary for our availability. In the meantime I am sending this e-mail to yourself and Sally Mead who is the co-owner of Longthorns Farm. We met her a few weeks ago at a tourism networking event and she would be interested to offer you the use of some space that is light pollution free for stargazing. They have a barn and bar area too, plus toilets which may be useful to you and your stargazers. Let me know how you get on. I am sure if you e-mail Sally she will be pleased to hear from you.” I’ve had a look and Longthorns looks like a fab place (and even has a bar and toilets!). • Fourth, as a result of my post yesterday, a fellow Dorset SGL-er suggested this place (which looks amazing): "Don't know if you have this one, but I used to go over onto the Purbecks. There is a great car park overlooking Steeple (just before you enter the Lulworth firing range). Head out of Wareham towards Swanage and take a road on the right that has a massive junction. It's called Grange Road/Grange Hill. Then just keep going until you go up the very steep hill and the car park is on the left as you get to the top. The car park is indicated on the attached map as the "bus stop" like loop just before the switch-back. You have a clear view south which drops away quite steeply, so all the village light (such as it is) is well below your line-of-sight and there is very little traffic on the road behind you (especially when the ranges are closed). https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Dorset/@50.6344791,-2.1417033,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x486d80aaedabf177:0x33a1f481bada6d5f!8m2!3d50.7487635!4d-2.3444786 • Finally, I’m still doing public sessions (I’ve got two this weekend - weather permitting). One at the New Inn in Cerne Abbas on Friday, and on at the Piddlehinton Millennium Green on Saturday. Both are free sessions, and people are welcome to bring scopes, binoculars, etc. Saturday is looking like the better night so far. When doing these I post details on a little Facebook group I set up following the Try This sessions last year. It’s called ‘Dorchester Area Stargazers’, and is open to anyone to join. So, as I see it, all we need to do now is to decide how we can arrange meet ups, and set dates. Could be here on SGL, or on the Facebook group, or some other way. I’m quite keen to try out Longthorns and the site in the Purbecks . If anyone can make it this weekend, esp Saturday, that would be awesome (hoping for a good turnout!) Kev
  22. Hi Dave, Thanks for that. My sons both have the Opticron 10x50s (I think these retail for about 50 quid, though), and I'd say they're better optically than the Helios. I'd really just like a second opinion on mine, though, as others seem to rate them highly. FLO has kindly agree to have them back and check them for me, so we'll soon find out how representative they are. Kev
  23. Cracking report Neil, and a real achievement with the 130 - you're gonna be beside yourself when the dob comes! Kev
  24. Hi all, not sure where else to post this, but I've managed to secure access to a handful of pretty good observing sites over the years I've been at this, and wondered if anyone in the Dorset area is interested in sharing them or perhaps arranging meet-ups/stargazing sessions. I don't want to post the locales publicly, as a couple are on farms to which I've been granted access. I kinda wish there was a Dorset community sub-forum, but I don't think the mods are too keen on expanding that section of the site. Anyway, let me know if you're interested. Kev
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