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  1. Hi there, and well done on the scope (I have the same one and it's fantastic!). However ... You do have to be very careful when it comes to choosing eyepieces for what is a 'fast scope', i.e. a scope with a focal ratio lower than, say, 5. Focal length divided by diameter equals focal ratio (and your is 4.7). As others have said, don't rush to buy eyepieces just yet, but, if you feel you must, then research 'eyepiece for fast scope' first, and check back here with what you find to see if it is actually suitable for a faster scope. Ideally you'll want to end up with something in the lower,
  2. How about the Xmas tree cluster, or NGC 1502 at the end of Kemble's cascade? If you have a decent southern view, m46, 47 and 41... Kev
  3. Hiya, I've got a 20mm Myriad 2-inch EP, which weights just over a kilo. I use it with my 250PX dob, without a counterweight, though I do have to clamp up the handles pretty tight so it doesn't over balance the tube. The rest of my EPs are 1.25 inch, so I don't tend to swap them and the Myriad around too often. Kev
  4. Hiya, I found it useful to work my way through the Messier list one constellation at a time, and printed out a chart and kept it in my notebook. After about a year or so I had most of them ticked . Did the same with the Caldwell catalog ... kev
  5. One of my favourite open clusters is M46, as good at this time of year as it gets. The really cool thing is the planetary nebula in the foreground (ngc 2438). Well worth a look
  6. Just chipping in here with a thumbs up for the drum stool. I wouldn’t be without one Also, M13 looks amazing whatever the magnification, be it with 10x binos, or at 200x and higher with a scope. It’s when you consider what it is that it really comes to life, a dense ball of in the region of 250,000 very old stars, possibly the stripped down core of a long gone satellite galaxy ... in more basic terms, with my dob I like using my 8.8mm, 82 degree eyepiece on it, the contrast is lovely, the field of view enough to also see the nearby galaxy ngc6207 as well, and the magnification of around 13
  7. Hiya. I've seen two out of the three with my 10x50 binoculars, but failed on Wednesday with the 20x80s. I felt that this was due to humidity/very thin cloud to the north and east. In fact I failed with other galaxies in those directions, including M51. Looking east, M31 and M33 were obvious. On a good night, the triplet will be very obvious in your scope. Kev
  8. Apologies if this has been pointed out already, but I've just spotted (in Stellarium, where else), that there'll be a very tight conjunction of Ceres and Aldebaran on the 5th of November 2021, whereupon the dwarf planet will move through the Hyades over the next two weeks
  9. Hi there, it definitely should be possible to get the dot in the centre of the doughnut given the three way adjustment ... A couple of questions: have you changed the secondary adjustment screws? How old is the scope? Have you been tightening the screws really tightly? The reason I ask is that I had a similar issue. My 10 inch is about 8 years old, I replaced the adjustment screws to make them easy to tweak, but found that they were digging into the metal base at the back of the secondary, and I couldn’t get the dot centred (it would get close, but then just ‘slip’ to the side, like
  10. Hi there, reading through my previous post again, plus a few others, I reckon it's going to have to be a 14mm ES 82 ... Cheers, Kev
  11. Thanks @Vlaiv I've had a discussion here on the merits of the 16mm Nirvana here before ... but decided against in as I gather it's not so good with a faster scope ... the 14mm ES 82 does look good, but is a little over budget ... Kev
  12. Hi all, I've been looking to replace my 16mm, 68 degree MaxVision with a similar power but wider FOV (82 degree) item for some time now, and wondered if anyone could recommend something that'll be suitable for a fast scope ... The catch, though, is the budget is around the 100 quid mark ... Any thoughts?
  13. Hi there. This is, for what it's worth, from my blog re the Celestron 20x80s ... : https://theastroguy.wordpress.com/2018/10/18/celestron-skymaster-20x80-binoculars-review-and-first-light-observations/ Kev
  14. Hi Dan, it was nice to meet you too. Really enjoyed the evening, had some great views of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars (the latter was amazing, and looked just like some of the photos I've seen recently on Twitter!). Although I'd planned to make it a really late one, I decided to pack up around midnight. It was still quite blustery, and although it looked clear enough, I wasn't having any luck with the fainter galaxies. Top evening
  15. Hiya, The fact that dimmer objects appeared okay makes me think that Mars' brightness scattering through high cloud/haze could have been the issue. I was out on Sunday night, on what appeared to be a good and clear night. Whilst the stars and planets looked great, there was definitely some haze in the air as I had absolutely no luck when it came to faint galaxies ... Kev
  16. Hi there. You’re correct that any or all of the factors you mentioned could contribute to the issue you’re having. Collimating is probably the easiest thing to eliminate. Through the Cheshire, if you can see all the mirror clips equally, the cross hairs align and the centre spot is ... well ... centred, you’re collimated ... You could also check by looking at a bright star .... does it resolve to a pin point , with sharp and clearly defined diffraction spikes? Dew can definitely be an issue, but if you can’t see it on the secondary (it never occurs on the primary in my experience), then h
  17. Okay. Im aiming to be there for 9-ish ... can’t make it any earlier. Forecast’s still looking good
  18. Hiya, what time are you thinking of heading out?
  19. Sunday night’s looking pretty good at the moment, and as I don’t have work on Monday, I’m seriously thinking of a major (all night) session, what’ll probably be the last chance before the colder nights set in.... the question is whether to make it a back garden night, or head down to creech /steeple.... to be confirmed
  20. <checks notes> nope ... not since the 19th of July! Always up for a social
  21. Hi, I'd recommend contacting Celestron UK (there's a contact form on the website - https://www.celestron.com/pages/technical-support). I had an issue with a pair, and a chap by the name of Daniel Robinson was a great help. Kev
  22. Incidentally, the spec sheet on amazon for the standard 20x80s lists the maximum mag as x16 (x20 for the pro versions). I've queried this with Celestron (David Hinds, actually), and they confirm that the magnifications for both models is x20 ...
  23. Wow! That's a great price for the 'pro' versions. Mine are just the standard ones, and they're great!
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