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  1. OK for peoples future google searches I have worked this out. I had to install Windows 10 version 20H2 which as of Dec 2010 is the latest version. Its been trying to install this for ages on my PC failing every time. I had to download a special file to update and it finally did it.
  2. Ive been using a really bottom of the range cheap cheap laptop for astrophotography and finally managed to make the move indoors. This means that I can start to use my 5 year old (but sill very decent PC). As always I left the groundwork to when the skies cleared and have managed to get most things working other than the asi120mm mini drivers on Windows 10. I've sent this to ZWO as the drivers just won't install. I was just wondering if anyone has has a similar issue and has a decent workaround. *This camera was installed on another device using an earlier driver about a year ago. This w
  3. Gosh, I had to read that a few times but that makes sense to me now. I'd only just started thinking about pixel size and was wondering why that makes such an effect on camera choice. Linking it to aperture was something I had not considered. I had wondered why the recommended pixel size for the red cat was so small and its because of this. Well now you put it like that, it seems obvious that you don't want a whopping electronic filter system blocking all of those photons!
  4. This is certainly true where I am based. For andromeda I spent several (close to) perfect evenings taking pictures of it using my cheap DSLR and the colour is no where near where I want it to be. In Bortle 4 and below I've heard this can be done in an hour, at some point I might drive out and work that out for myself. This group has been helpful for me, I think I am now more certain about going down the mono route. For the time being I don't plan on remote photography although its on a todo list to get me to a point where I cam properly do it. A bit of a tangent this but I'm in
  5. Another thing I have heard from by people in these forums is that for the most light polluted areas perhaps just doing RGB or HaRGB instead of LRGB. I wonder if in these projects they took flats too. Personally, if I go mono, I will want to make my own mind up on whether to include L or not. I'm keen on following Robin Glovers advice doing super short subs and live stacking. I guess once you go down the mono route the possibilities and experimentation are endless! Another reason to go mono actually in my opinion.
  6. @smr Yes I'm up against it in bortle 8, I have managed to get some decent (for me!) photos though, its the colour that seems to be the most challenging in post processing. Hopfully the mono with filters will help with that.
  7. @vlaiv Arr yes, the flats are going to need to be considered. I dont have a permanent setup but I do plan on keeping the camera connected to the telescope so hoping I can get away with shooting flats semi-regularly. Its all well and go until I have to turn the camera 90 degrees to frame the photo. I must admit, with my DSLR I take flats after every session. With mono and multiple filters would you need to take red flats, refocus, take blue flat, refocus, take green flats, etc? That would be a major pain at 3am! I guess you could just do flats before switching to another filter. If time was
  8. @geordie85 I really like your seven sisters pic, its just the sort of example I was looking for in fact. Good to see something done in an hour and perhaps confirms my thoughts. I think you might be right about the reviews being different if he were buying himself. When its his livelihood at stake I wonder who is the customer, us the viewer or the person providing him with these camera's and essentially advertising, I spent 10 years of my life in Newcastle. When I went visiting friends recently I went out past Corbridge, the darks skies are fantastic.
  9. @happy-kat I like the idea of getting some b/w pics as well, I think it will help with my understanding of what these objects are made off. I think the forecast would have to have at least 2 hours predicted for me to get out, If I found the filter wheel fast enough maybe I could switch every 15 mins, I dont know.
  10. Thanks, in my understanding of quality I am pretty convinced that mono is the superior. I do really like that idea about looking at peoples photos and guessing the equipment used, I'll perhaps look at that tonight. My primary thinking at the moment is to do with time saved in the field(garden) using that OSC and is it really that much of a time saver.
  11. I am potentially lucky enough to be in a position soon to buy a dedicated CMOS astronomy camera and think I have my mind set on a mono camera, an electronic filter wheel, a full set of filters and an electronic focuser. Opportunities to do astrophotography are sparse. I am addicted to watching YouTube videos and one thing that keeps making me doubt my choice is astrobackyards Trevor Jones, his one shot colour cameras, and him telling us that this type of astrophotography is much quicker than a mono setup and much better when opportunities are sparse. He is very persuasive but I cant help bu
  12. I can confirm the pds is a fantastic scope. The perfect one for learning the basics like collimation before taking on larger scopes. As mentioned don't get the other skywatcher 130 as you won't achieve focus without a Barlow, ok for planets, not so much deep sky.
  13. When the Moon was a short distance from Mars the other day, I was marvelling at Orion rising (as you do) then turned slightly and witnessed a meteor shooting down right next to the conjunction. The clouds rolled in immediately after but this very brief gap was great!
  14. Just a note on this, I've gone back into Star Tools and I am becoming familiar with the 'Heal' module. It really is a powerful piece of software as its doing a reasonable job of getting rid of the reflection line. You can still tell its there but may miss it to an untrained eye. I also processed it quickly so I could put my questions to this forum and have realized that it is a 2 bit process! The noise is terrible and the bloody green is far too prominent. Its time to do another process, just maybe not in work hours...
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