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  1. No edit button? Odd, maybe I'm just missing it. Olly, thanks for the offer of help! I might just take you up on it!
  2. Thanks for all the feedback! Sorry I haven't been on for a couple of days, er, weeks. =) I'll beseech the purchasing gods and see what I can get. (And I'm finding out that suddenly I have to run people down [literally] to get textbooks.)
  3. Thanks for all the help! I'll be teaching high schoolers; basically the school's plan is to give me all the kids who aren't ready for physics yet. At least they will be upper-classmen. Knowing that, I'll be minimizing the math as much as I can. (Being new to this, I'd always imagined I'd spend a lot of time on types of stars, planets, quasars, etc) The good news is I'll only get more dedicated students turning up to see things at night or on night-time field trips. I definitely want something easily portable. One scope I just saw was the Celestron Nexstar 102 SLT Computerized Telescope Anyone know if this is a good scope? It seems to be getting good reviews. This is cheap enough that I might be able to get 2 of them, plus some eyepieces and binoculars/ spotterscopes. I know, it's not a dobsonian. =) Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for the advice so far. Yes, I do want to do some field trips, so it would be need to be pretty portable. I also expect to have to take it out and then lock it up on a regular basis as well. (Again, downtown LA.) I was initially planning on ordering it online, is that ill-advised? For budget, the administration is being cagey and won't give me a number. I'll need a range of options to present to them, starting from 200-300 up to maybe even $1,000. Also, would some spotting scopes be a good investment?
  5. HI! I'm going to start teaching an astronomy class here in downtown LA. I know we won't be able to see too much from here due to all the light pollution. But what scope would you guys recommend for an Astronomy class? And where is a good place to get it from? Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi there! I'm slated to start teaching an Astronomy course this fall in urban Los Angeles, so I thought I'd join a community so I can do a good job presenting it to my students. I'd love to hear from any other Astronomy teachers out there, because I'm going to need all the good ideas I can get! I've always been interested in astronomy, but I don't have any experience in stargazing. I currently teach Physics, btw. I look forward to getting to know you folks! -Cloudwing PS Yes, I'll be asking for advice on what scope to get over on the equipment board.
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