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  1. Oh no, that's a big deal... Check with retailer. Else, some DIY will be required. Not difficult though... Try finding local fabrication shops, someone might help... Sent from my BlackBerry 8520 using Tapatalk
  2. I saw the Saturn yesterday night. The main issue was the vibrations the tripod was sensing as I was on the terrace of the 7 storied building. After using vibration dampener the view was much clear. I could locate titan and one ore moon of the Saturn as well. But couldn't saw Cassini division by any combination of eyepiece and barlow.I have EQ2 mount and a beginner's 114 mm reflector.
  3. I also saw Saturn for the first time yesterday night! Started with 25mm + barlow then 10 mm and 10mm + barlow, i could even use 4mm to see it clearly. As the lunar eclipse started it became a lill brighter... But with any of this I could not see Cassini Division. may be because of the heavy LP in the sky at my place..... What a night it was.........
  4. Very good picture in deed... I got my 114mm scope 2 days back, and since trying to focus on Saturn. Unfortunately, unable to do so yet... The image vibrates ti such extent that i cant see the single point even with 10mm eyepiece. I do the scope balancing well. Can you suggest how to keep the scope steady?
  5. shakapare

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to SGL....
  6. Yesterday, I got my first telescope. Small 114mm star tracker. I setup the scope yesterday night on my terrace. It took me about half an hour to unpack and set it up, but I managed it well in first go. The night sky was nicely polluted with a lot of light and with the moon light itself. I wanted to observe the Moon as my first object but for about 2 hours I was not able to see it in the scope at all..... In the finder scope the moon was visible but in the eyepiece nothing but gray black sky..... I checked the collimation and found Secondary mirror was offset, I corrected it. But no moon in sco
  7. Thank you again for the welcome wishes....
  8. Hello Major, It's a very light polluted sky here in mumbai. Difficult to see any stellar object of greater than +1 magnitude by naked eye. I'll be travelling to outer parts of the city to use the telescope.
  9. Great tutorial... I was looking for exactly the same... Thanks..
  10. Thanks everyone! I am amaze to see the reply to my hello......... It has encourage me and gave a feeling of very friendly culture. Can't wait for tomorrow to put hands around the new telescope now.. Yes! you are right. Shashank means Moon in Sanskrit. and you guessed right too about the moon photographs. thats gonna be one of my observations to start with. Again thanks every stargrazer for this grand welcome!!!
  11. I didn't found anyone is shipping items to India. I'll be happy if someone can suggest any seller who can ship to my India. here the costs of all the telescope and related items are almost double than what are listed on the sites like celesteron and so...
  12. Congrats!!! u got 10" in price of 4". cool deal...
  13. Nebula looks like exagerated rank for a biginer... Vacuum & Star Forming are perfect terms w.r.t no. of posts..... Good choices SGL admins...
  14. Hello everyone at SGL, I am Shashank from Mumbai. New to SGL. About to get my first 114mm Newtonian Reflector. Happy to be in the community....
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