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    D'you know, I think you should try playing hard to get. Chase it too much, and it'll back off. Play it cool. Just got to let that clear sky sort of....happen. Lulu you were dead right. got my first notch on the scope post tonight. Didn't realise there were so many stars looking in our direction. It made identification of my target a little harder than I thought. Neither did I understand how quickly the stars move out of view. Anyway got to see a some magnificent sights and got to practise with my scope too. PS I didn't have any red film for my torch but if you eat one purple sweet from the quality street tin and one orange sweet put the wrappers together and you get red light. turned out i didn't need it as there was just too much to look at without me getting hooked on what it was, I am sure that will come later. Now for my post virgin cigar
  2. Thanks all, I think that's exactly what it is. The cap is tight and I was a little nervous about being too rough with it. The Pin hole also made me question whether it was a cap or part of the barlow. anyway now for some sightseeing, at last :hello1:
  3. OK I know i am dong something really dumb but checking out the tutorial and books i don't know what. I can select my Ep and position it into the Barlow fine. I cant fit the Barlow into the scope. if I unscrew the plastic cap (with a pin hole off centre it fits but there no lens of any type there. I i leave this end on it wont fit into the scope. I have a clear sky and a dark garden tonight any help with my stupidity would be very much appreciated regards
  4. Timmo

    1st time

    thanks everryone, Dont worry I'm far from disheartened, and the suggestions to view are very helpful.
  5. Since early Jan when I got my birthday pressie I have been waiting for a clear sky. Last night the sky was clear as crystal, but I had something arranged I couldn't get out of. Tonight I was driving home looking at the stars in the sky, finally my chance. Providing I got home without crashing into something, and they say mobile phones are dangerous. So, a quick check with my books which said that the scope may need 15 Min's to acclimatise. I set it up and went to find a suitable target. At this point I was gloating as my garden is almost perfect not affected by street light, it was pitch. Two coats a hat and gloves later I went outside, a virgin. I found a target Aldebaran, ( I think) Orion was blocked out by trees. So here goes; firstly, I was unable to see anything as there was a streak of light right across my view, it took 20 Min's to work out that my neighbour had turned on their bedroom light. I moved my scope under a tree to block out the light. Then I couldn't work out the barlow, Ill post what i am sure will be a succession of stupid questions on the beginners page. In the mean time I will revisit the text books on that one. Still I had three Ep to choose from. By this time I had lost the cluster I found earlier. I couldn't find sod all. So, by this time the wisps of cloud had blocked out all but the brightest stars, even those were in a haze. 45Min's later I give up, the best sight was through the view finder. Clouds incompetence and stupidity got the better of me this time but ill be back . So, still a virgin I'm afraid but the quick grope with this hobby has made me more determined than ever. But those blumming clouds
  6. This is really helpful, I appreciate the effort you guys have put into my question. Many thanks, I will look forward to that first clear night.
  7. Thanks guys, I commute on the M42 nearly every day so was dismayed to learn that's what I should be looking at Anyway here is my point, 45 Min's ago the sky was a black thing with lots of shiny things in it. (I will give myself some credit for identifying the moon) but hey after consulting the books and the map from Tony I am confident I can identify the configuration you are both describing. I know this is a bit Janet and john but one step at a time for me. Rest assured this will be my first target and i will endeavour to write back when I finally get to see it. One point, the suggestion to point south at the M42 is made from Cambridgeshire and Canada :scratch: does this not have any bearing on locating stars cheers for the suggestion and help
  8. As a newby to astronomy this is very helpful. Some will have seen my introduction in the welcome bit of this forum, and thanks to all who have made me feel so welcome. I am waiting for my first clear sky (hopefully i will not have to freeze my n*** off when this happens) so in anticipation I have been doing some reading. Until reading this thread I was content to go out there and shoot at, well anything, just to get use to the scope and its mechanism. The alternative is to spend some time working out exactly how to align my scope. My guess is that once this become well practised it wont be as tedius as it looks in the book. My garden is South facing and free from light (neighbours permitting) so looking at Polaris wont be easy as the more stable ground is near the house. So, do I go and point and shoot or spend some time with technicalities so that when I do observe something I know what it is?
  9. Timmo


    I never noticed before how dark the garden is I would say it is almost free from any street lights. I just know that Ill get acclimatised to the dark and the kids Will put an indoor light on only to shine through one of the patio doors. That said the night sky is covered in rain cloud so the chance would be nice. In the mean time Ill keep on polishing my scope and pretending I'm a real astronomer. PS so far the scope has a pride of place in the front room, I'm not sure my wife fully understands that a scope if for life and not just for birthdays but its getting harder to keep my new friend from being put away. I would be interested in how you guys have got round this problem.
  10. Timmo


    Wow, thanks everyone for the nice welcome. now back to my books, turn left at what?
  11. Timmo


    Hi all, just introducing myself as I have just celebrated my birthday with a Skywatcher 150pl and to prepare for the competition from "amateurs " like P Moore et all (ill take a bow) and people like that, i've been reading for two days solid. Jeesh this is gunna take some time. This forum is a wonderful resource for people like me so an early thanks to those who take the trouble to educate people like me because I just know I have a bejiliion stupid questions. The only down side here is that looking at my lappy for so long I think I've knackered my eyes :scratch:. That said the images I've seen on here are just stunning. Apparently i have a good viewing garden with no are very little light pollution, so I hope the weather gets warmer and clearer then maybe, just maybe, I can make a contribution on here.
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