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  1. How those 2 mounts compare in terms of stability and weight capabilities? as you said the GTi holds up to 5Kg but I couldnt find how much the synscan does? also the single arm of the synscan can make it more vulnerable to vibrations?
  2. I thought I wouldn't have been able to decide which telescope to buy without the need to create another thread, fortunately I found this one as I have come down to these exactly 2 scopes. I think buying a first telescope is one of the most difficult task I've done, as there is no a single all-around choice and it depends if one wants planetary or DSO and if I want to specialize in astrophotography. These are things one doesn't really have clear before the first one and I can see my self getting a 2nd scope at sometime later. I've been reading a lot on this an other forums and checking the website stores for a few days now and I have a better idea of what I want. I have a question about the Explorer, as I understand the DS version is more suitable for AP but it is still possible to do observation with the provided eyepiece (28 mm). the 130-P version comes with 25 mm an 10 mm pieces. any experience using the 130P-DS for just observation? maybe good idea to get an extra eyepiece? I also want some advice regarding the mounts, the Mak can be ordered with a synScan Az GoTo, it looks a good budget alternative, a total of 419 GBP. But thinking on a possible 2nd telescope in the future it maybe worth getting a better mount. For just 449 GBP it could be ordered with a Az GTi mount that also provides GoTo functionality with the app via Wifi and looks more sturdy. Or the Eq3 pro GoTo for 669 GBP, not sure If it really worth paying 250 GBP more for upgrading to a EQ3, will the EQ3 be a long term investment or It will it be better to aim for the EQ5? In the case of the Explorer, it can be ordered with the EQ3 Pro GoTo for 589 GBP. would it be better use of money to order it with a EQ5 with the enhanced dual motor set for 562 GBP? how good are these motor drives? In summary I could summarize I am between these alternatives: 1. Maksutov 127 with synScan Az GoTo for 419 GBP. And later another scope more specialized for DSO and AP. 2. Explorer 130 P-DS with the EQ3 pro GoTo or the EQ5 with dual motor for 562 GBP, maybe adding another eyepiece. Thanks!
  3. Yes i bought them!, im quite happy with them, i havent done a seriouss observation session as i was moving and i had to do a lot of work at home. but i gave a fast look to the moon and some dark parts od the sky.
  4. thanks Andy for sharing your experience, actually is very convenient now. I just come back from the store, and they were out of sotck of the 130p, i tested different bins and i have to say that the 15x70 are difficult to use in the freehand, using some support is easier, or fixing them into tripod, buth that make the soultion quite expensive. I tried reading some letter in a far wall, and i didnt manage, then i changed to the 10x50 and 12x50, and it was a lot more comfortable, at the end i bought the 12x50 at a price around 50€. and i was infromed there will be a sale from an old client who passed away and he had some scopes, then maybe in the next weeks i can get one of those at a very good price. I will let you know. by the moment i will start doing some observations with the 10x50.
  5. Thank you Schorhr, I am still not 100% but i think i will buy the scope, i will go to the store today and have the same discussion with the guy there, but any way i think i will buy in few months the other one. it seems is good to have both.
  6. Thanks for the replies, As i havent do so many observations before, just few times in different observatories, i think i will go through the begginers observations of the moon, planets, (saturn my favorite), and i have never done observations on galaxies or nebulas or any other deep sky objects. i would like to try that for sure. At home i have a balcony, however the city lights could disturb a bit there, so i would need to move a bit more uphill to get rid of that, so it is important the portable characteristics. one side question: i guess it is very difficult to make photos with the bins, do you have some experience on that?
  7. I dont have anything to look into the sky, either a tripod So i am between this 2 options (3 with a 20x80). my doubts are mainly if i can use the 15x70 on my hand, or just having my arm on a table or something like that, it will allow me to put them on my back pack, my bicycle and bring them with me in my trips i will go for them, but if they really need a steady hand or a tripod then wouldnt it be better to have the 130p or the 20x80? thank you!
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