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  1. Hi All I have the opputunity to get a new Canon 1100d. I have a 350D at the moment and i`m getting some good results. Can anyone please advise me if it is worth going ahead with the upgrade.
  2. okay thats a Bahtinov Mask made, taken a couple of hours but hopefully it will be worth it. Only one small problem and thats the weather which isn`t great at all tonight. look forwards to the next clear night so i can try it out.
  3. i`ll remember that after my next purchase of a new mount , well once i`ve saved up enough for one. Thanks again guys .
  4. wow Quatermas, that is outstanding. I have a EQ3 mount with fitted twin motor control. However i am having problems with keeping on an object however i think that is down to the set up of the scope. I haven`t got a polar scope fitted however there is a port on the mount for one. I have been using a compass to set the mount to North. I have been advised to us te main tube to find the pole star and set up that way. Using the advice you have given me i will try a few timed shots when it has stopped snowing which it is tonight and i`ll post them on here if they are any good. Many thanks to you and to Peter also.
  5. This is my first attempt at M42 using my Canon 350D directly connected to the focuser on my Skywatcher 150. It was a single shot and hasn`t been stacked.
  6. I do polar alignments as best i can with a compass. maybe need a polar scope to sit within the mount as there is a fixing for one. I really think i need to strip the whole thing down and start again with the mount and tube. Thank you so much for the advice and believe me i will take it all onboard and hopefully you should see the fruits of my labour on here soon
  7. I have been taking images with my 6" skywatcher mounted on a twin motorised EQ3 mount. I am having trouble keeping the object in the center on the scope. I have tried to move the counter weights and the tube up and down the tube rings but i am having trouble getting the right balance. Is there a easy or easier way that i can set the scope up so that i can keep a good tracking going. i am managing to take objects under 20 secs but strugling over that.
  8. Has anyone had any success with a Canon DSLR direcrtly connected to a scope foruser with a teleconverter fitted between.
  9. Hi All I have a canon 350D which attached to my Skywatcher 150P using a 2" T mount on a twin axis motor mount. I am happy with the results but i have a question. Is it possible to place a 1.4 teleconvertor between the camera and the scope eyepiece?, Will it make any noticable difference. I would quite like to have a bash at Jupiter.
  10. Here are my first two images taken from videos using my MS Lifecam fitted with just a IR filter and stacked with RegiStax 5.1
  11. Ok small change here and that being i have been able to convert a wmv webcam stream to a avi stream now even if it does have the web site address and how much it is to buy a copy of the software across it lol. My next problem appears to be that when i try and upload the avi file onto Registax i get an error message,it reads "failed to start AVI decompression,codec:XVIDvids" The big problem seems to be that my lifecam only uploads images as wmv format and not one of the formats which works with Registax V5 which i got with this months Sky at Night. best regards
  12. I`ve downloaded it but i will not allow me to download wmv files so i cannot convert them to avi`s. But many thanks for the link. best regards
  13. thanks guys but they appear to both want to be bought and i can only use them as long as they print a message in the middle of the image to convert. I shall keep looking till i find one and will still take sugestions. best regards
  14. Hi guys can anyone put me onto a good cheap or freeware convertor which will change my Lifecam wmv images to avi,mpg or mpeg files so i can us Registax. The couple i`ve downloaded from the web say they are free but they are not. However if someone knows how to change the Lifecam files being wmv files that would help to. best regards
  15. Ok i have read this tread from start to finish and i have to say i`m no expert in computer sotfware or hard ware for that matter. However i have completed the mod and i`ve tried it out on two nights. The first night wasn`t great as i had issues with the dual Tracking system on my tripod however on Saturday night i got that sorted and produces four videos of Jupiter. I took three with the cam attached to the skywatcher focuser and one with the barlow fitted. It was a misty night and i was struggling to get a good image of the planet but i did get a nice moon formation in the footage taken. Since then i have finally found the camera adjustment section that Gary discribed in his acticle and have now set all the settings to the ones discribed. however i have reset the Auto setting on the Exsposure as discribed in this tread and the brightness to 160. The mean question is where do i find the Frame speed that everyone keeps quoting. I am still using the Lifecam software provided to take the images as this is where i`ve made the adjustments. The videos are opening as window media files. I have VLC media player on my laptop and PMB sony player and windows media player as well Deput Video capture software. Is it in these programs where you change the Codec settings. Do i have to download a particullar software like Huffyue and us that when opened to see what the cam is seeing. I realise this my seem trivial to must but i`m sorry to say it is hard work for me. I hope you can help as i`m having real fun with this new addition to my scope. If theres anyone out there who can help and would reather chat one to one then i`m on Facebook as Michael walton. You`ll know it`s me as i`ve got a image of the moon on my profile page. i also have the two videos on there but i could post them here if i knew how best regards
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