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  1. The C80ED is a really good scope optically. I bought mine new when they were being discontinued for just £229. I added a GSO Crayford (Agena in USA provide a suitable adapter to mate focuser to tube) as the one it comes with is a bit agricultural, but it does work. I'd readily pay up to £200 for one, but bear in mind any more and you might be giving the seller a small profit! Very good visually and for photography and an absolute steal for the money.
  2. Here's the free talks on Saturday for Kielder, between 12 noon and 4pm. Venue Kielder Castle. Anyone and everyone welcome. Stuart Atkinson, beginner's guide to the stars. Martin Whipp, John Wall and his inventions John Nicol, remembering Grubb Parsons. Gain Lee, ins search of galaxy super clusters. Plus astro boot and meteorite stands.
  3. Spot on that binoviewing is a personal experience. It's difficult to quantify whether you see more or less - the brain does some pretty impressive image processing without or without them. For what it's worth if you like spotting faint fuzzies you'll lose out - on solar system and brighter DSO different story. Here's a pair of Denk standards on my scope - the view of the moon I had recently blew my socks off again 10 years after buying them. Couple of 25mm TV plossls in there - they are really nice. Rich
  4. Two electric tent pitches have come free for the Kielder Star Camp - 26 - 31 October. If you fancy them please email asap to Lynn at lynnhenderson@blueyonder.co.uk Lovely pix by Mike Dickson. We have a 24/7 purpose built warm room, plus main day talks and mulled wine soiree all free.
  5. Great to see you got the pitch - see you there!
  6. I have used Prolific for a fair while and after lots of drop outs, win 10 issues, etc, switched. Everyone's mileage is different here, but for me the cash has been well spent switching. If Prolific is working great - if it's unreliable you spend lots of time chasing your tail.
  7. Getting them both to focus is a pain at first. I'm a slow learner and I've tried and then ditched OAGs, but I'm back with them now in the shape of the new Celestron OAG. This is a very substantial and well built unit with a good helical focuser on the guide port. I'm rooting for it and want it to work! I'm imaging at over 2.1 metres and so far in most situations I've picked up a guide star. There's not much of a problem if you aim high. I'm doing narrowband at the mo and using a ZWO as the guide camera. I should add the Celestorn OAG is very nice - but with a focal reducer, Atik + filter wheel + spacer I come in over the recommended back focus distance of 105mm. (mind you images look ok to my eye). But there are ways to fit in a Canon using slimmer adapters. Set up your guider in the day and try and to be logical in measuring the distance of the optical path between guide and main cam using spacers where necessary. Then set focus with each - main camera first - and leave the guide camera alone after. Good luck. It's probably worth it in the end.
  8. I swapped over to the FTDI solution a wee while ago after having connections go south in the middle of a carefully prepared imaging run. Got a Keyspan USB-Serial adapter (recommended by Astro Physics) and also Astronomiser EQMod FTDI cable. Not had one drop out since with either. Save the frustration and switch over.
  9. ADM do very well made selection of such things - equal to Losmandy in build quality. Rother Valley is amongst their UK stockists.
  10. Nice Scott - enjoyed looking at your work.
  11. Now down to one! So one more left.
  12. A couple of electric hook up tent pitches have become free for Kielder Star Party (26-31 Oct) so PM me if interested. Rich
  13. Mark - Spring dates are 22 - 27 March 2017 - we'll let Galloway use the Feb slot so we don't clash.
  14. Dead water is the one above the village with the military mast. Great views reputedley to north sea one way and Irish sea the other. Black MTB route starts here. For experts only. Rich
  15. ....and as summer slips by thoughts are cast forward to the dark nights of October. The 13th Kielder Autumn Starcamp is being staged from 26 - 31 October. The recent CPRE night blight report found the darkest spot in England to be a Kielder hillside just a stone's throw away from our venue - Kielder Campsite. Talks on the main day (29 Oct) are all free - in fact all you need to do is pay for your pitch and you're done. Currently we have non-hooks ups available, but we do have a wonderful new warm room to escape the chill, with multiple charging points, tea/coffee making, armchairs and open 24/7. We'll also be running our free Friday night mulled wine/cider get together. All the details you need are at kielderstarcamp.org We hope you can join us.
  16. Just to say I may have got this problem sorted. Xagyl support is very good. The filter wheel is currently on Version 4, but mine is Version 2, which is a bit more sensitive to power. There's a threshold setting in the filter wheel software which they suggested increasing. That did the job combined with recalibrating (another software option) when connected to the powered hub. So far so good. Rich
  17. Well I only know about star camps - as always we rely on each other to keep things safe. Mind you the Fox got off with it. Not even a community sentence.
  18. We always keep our eyes open at all star camps for unwelcome visitors, but they are pretty safe affairs. The only think that's been stolen at Kielder since 2003 is a pair of boots over two nights and the culprit was a fox. Great vid by the way Rob.
  19. Hello Jayne Sorry you couldn't make it - the aurora was very powerful, much more so than the one I saw in March last year. Hope a pitch becomes free (which is very possible between now and then), but to clarify it's the hook ups that are currently oversubscribed. We still have none electrics. Clear skies
  20. Can I finally ask how old your filter wheel is?
  21. All very good points and I think I've tested most of them already, ie other hubs, powered, unpowered, short cables, allocated a port itself. I'm in touch with Xagyl support - very quick to respond. I'll get it sorted some how.
  22. No it's a basic 5 filter wheel job bought in 2013. As I saw it works fine with its own lappy port but gets fatally confused by anything else.
  23. Hello Mike, It's not a huge problem - can you check that link for me?> - takes me to a blank page? Ta, R
  24. Appreciate the reply. Seems it's a problem specific to my wheel. Which is progress of sorts.
  25. Enjoyed the review - out of interest have you got your wheel to operate successfully through a powered usb hub?
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