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  1. This will be my first visit to a Astronomy show since getting my telescope . Going on the saturday and booked a talk rest of the day will involve looking at equipment on show + talking to others and learning from them
  2. I looked at saturn around 5.45am my first viewing of the planet through my telescope also with a 10mm & 2x barlow. Mars was a similar experience to yours also.
  3. I was viewing Jupiter tonight first real chance to use my telescope for hours due to work and the weather since i got it. Was very pleased could see the moons and cloud bands.Got everyone in the house to have a look. Now saturn is my next target up all night tonight have a day off work tomorrow.
  4. Look's like my first night scanning the skies is magnified rain clouds then
  5. I'm picking up my first scope today a skywatcher 130pm and have been reading Terence Dickinson's Nightwatch book. Thought i would update as i have said hi and thats all on these forums. I'm sure your be hearing more from me soon now i have a scope
  6. kona

    Hello from birmingham

    Hi James thankyou for the advice. Trouble is i'm a very independent person i like to learn from scratch on my own and the troubles that can come with that i see as a challenge and fun. When i see saturn for example i want to do it for myself and mistakes will happen but i enjoy that if it makes sense. That's why these forums will be excellent for me if i try and i fail i can ask for help but i will still have to do it for myself physically. But for to me going looking through others telescopes etc will dampen the delight when i then look through my first telescope. Willing to pay £200-£250 for a first scope maybe £300 if worth the extra. If i buy a telescope and it includes a motor i will not use it until i can find things for myself as i said earlier i like a challenge. I hope this makes sense to you all and thankyou for all the welcome messages
  7. Hello to all Have decided that another thing i must do in my life is to observe the sky's as a occasional hobby. Living in a city with high light pollution will mean some driving and a telescope easy to transport. Will be reading up on what to to do as a complete novice to this. What i have managed to note down so far is not to spend to much or to little on a first telescope. Sky watcher seem a good first buy!! and may buy a second hand motorized setup to start with the 130p seems a good first telescope. Then buy better once i have more understanding of the skies above. Will of course be asking questions but i expect all i have to ask is already here to be found.
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