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  1. I wish I'd read that at this time yesterday, that would certainly have been on my to-do list. I expect the current clouds to last long enough here in the eastern UK that observing will be off the cards for a bit. Presumably the comet remnants will be long gone in that time frame
  2. That's nice of you Mr. Crebles, if you are really unlucky I might take you up on it one day! For those of you wanting to see this old scope up to its old tricks, I put some of my terrible images in an album. The link here is not some kind of first world war RPG launcher, it's the Prinz 660 as set up earlier this evening. A better pic will follow some time: http://stargazerslounge.com/gallery/album/2529-serpents-astronomical-meanderings/
  3. Hi Steep - I've seen the discussions around BST eyepieces and they are tempting. But then, so are a lot of things! All opinions welcome, Haitch! The ultimately cheapest and best way is of course to get stonking eyepieces straight away. I see every bit of sense in that except that I can't stretch to those right now. Therefore all I can do is introduce as few hops on the way as possible. That's the plan anyway. If I were to plan further, once the eyepiece bother is sorted out to some kind of satisfaction, I'd be tempted to make the purchase of an EQ5 mount a priority rather than a new scope. It
  4. The 2.3 eyepiece was a tenner so I don't really feel ripped off and I genuinely think the seller was simply out of their depth when looking into what it was - the buyer certainly was! It produces a better quality image than the H6mm and I expect it would come into its own when I eventually acquire something with more aperture. Perhaps I should keep it as a reminder to ward off further rookie mistakes! As the scope is not constructed along modern trends I suspect I'd be better off taking that fact as a main consideration as to what to do next. It has what I believe are termed 'Circle K' optics
  5. Thanks all, I'll sort out the requested pic later on!
  6. You must be right fellas, I was hoping there was a bit missing. Still, it seems to work better than my ancient H 6mm. 2.3mm, eh? Well at least I know I can work my way up..! Thanks for the info
  7. Thanks for the welcome, all Steve - that filter is the screw-in type and won't ever be used. I've heard of Baader solar film when I was looking to observe the transit of venus last year (before I bought the scope). I'll keep it for posterity as it is clearly quite old but I don't need it as the scope came with an arm and plate for solar projection. I tried it out yesterday with the 20mm ep and it works very well. Saw a few sunspots even with the regular cloud interruptions! I'll sort out a pic at some point. Baggywrinkle - I've read these came from Dixons way back when they were predominantly
  8. Hello All I'm a new astronomer based in Norfolk. I've always been interested in astronomy but only casually used binoculars up to some weeks ago when I took the plunge and bought a scope. Having a young family though means I have to practice a style of austerity astronomy! The scope is a bit of a 'classic' - a Prinz Optics 660, had off ebay for £30 from some folks who had inherited it and had no interest in it. It's a 3 inch (76.2mm) refractor with a 1250mm focal length which gives over f/16. It's fine as I'm starting out with the moon and planets, it's able to split double stars easily, howev
  9. Hello to all I'm a new astronomer based in Norfolk - I've always been interested in astronomy and I've taken the plunge recently. SGL has been really helpful in my understanding of things so I'm making myself known! I've faffed around with binoculars over the years but I came across a bit of a 'classic' scope recently. A Prinz Optics 660 - an f/16 refractor which looks like a bazooka! In its coffin-like box along with the tube was the wooden tripod with equatorial mount, an erector, a diagonal, a plate for solar projection, a solar filter which I'll never use as I've no idea how old it is, a d
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