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  1. Have just ordered the spiral edition been previously working off apps on my tablet to find dso's will be better with this and red led torch
  2. Am up in Scotland was first summer since I've started observing, nights in June/July just didn't even get dark at all, so seemed more like a end of the season. Have had a few darks nights last few weeks good dark skies as its in a rural area so been happy days
  3. Mostly clear skies here seen about 15-20 in last 40mins good trails and couple of big ones
  4. am lucky moved house recently and was worried bout the skies, got a clear night and a lovely view of the milkyway streaked right across perfect for finding those DSO's. Though new galloway park is only 35miles away too
  5. Had a cracking view of it during the day today could see it rotating perfectly the missus wasn't as excited as me lol
  6. I to am just starting out with astronomy and obtained my first scope about 8 weeks ago I found these 2 videos to be of help in getting to know my scope. Polar alignment and how to use an equatorial mount. So far I have seen Saturn, Jupiter and a few messier objects which were great to see.
  7. My back garden would be perfect as its in a rural village except the next door neighbour has tons of daft led lights so its lit up like the Blackpool illuminations ruins my night vision
  8. You can get it through torrents, stunning saturn and they fall to earth are available not to far down the list 1080p too http://eztv.it/shows/187/mv-group-documentaries/
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