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  1. I got this shot just using my phone and pixr editer app and my dob. Surprising what you can come up with
  2. Thanks Ronin I will just have to keep looking or try to drag my missus around with me to stargazing meetings ( She will be happy) I will look at the social groups and see what I can find .
  3. Hi everyone I'm quite new to stargazing (A newby) I got my telescope for christmas . I have been out in my back garden about five times now and seen some amazing stuff like Jupiter and it's moons , Orion nebula , The star Sirius , Andromeda Galaxy and so on. Everyone on SGL have helped me on my journey to picking a telescope and eyepieces but I think I would benefit from joining a stargazer group in my area (Taunton somerset) and I can't seem to find one , I need one close to Taunton as I don't drive and my missus is quite busy , the only one I can find next to me is Sowy stargazers in Oth
  4. Rain,rain, wind,rain and more rain . No stargazing for a long time it seems ,no clear skies but thats nothing compared to the problems my neighbours on the somerset levels are having. Hoping you all get a break and hoping for clear skies

  5. Hi Rob and a big welcome to SGL Well done for sorting it out yourself , I hope you reap the rewards from your DIY job and get clear skies Jason
  6. Poolshot

    Hello from York

    Hi and a big welcome to SGL Hoping for clear skies and hearing from you in the future Jason
  7. Poolshot

    Hello SGL

    Hi and a big welcome to SGL
  8. Hi and a big welcome to SGL I'm a newbie to and only be out stargazing three times so far and seen some wicked stuff (your be amazed what you can find) .My advise would be to go through the SGL forums to pick up tips and get a good sky atlas book I've got the Philip's Night Sky Atlas which is a good book but I hear good reviews on Turn Left At Orion. But don't worry I'm sure your love it when you get out there .
  9. Hi and a big welcome to SGL
  10. Hi and a big welcome to SGL
  11. Hi Graham I'm a newbie to and I only got my skywatcher 200p at christmas so i've only got the eyepieces that come with it . I can't give you advice on my experience on which eyepieces to buy except what other stargazers on SGL have advised me and that is in short save up your money and buy better eyepieces to future proof yourself and a x2 barlow is a good idear. I hope this helped you
  12. Hi and a big welcome to SGL
  13. Hi Graham a big welcome to SGL, The Skywatcher 150p 0r 200p Dobson is probably your best option depending on how much you can spend the 150p is around £200 and the 200p is about £280 from FLO (First Light Optics) . I have the 200p and it's a amazing bit of kit and good for deep space. Hoping for Clear skies Jason
  14. Poolshot


    Hi John and a big welcome to SGL I have the skywatcher 200p it's an amazing bit of kit .I hope you get as much injoyment out of it as I have. Clear skies Jason
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