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  1. That's a very nice PACMAN, well done and nicely processed
  2. Very, very nice, I prefer the Hubble pallet colour toning in the first image...
  3. These are absolutely fantastic telescopes; Nothing I have own so far has come close to my TOA130F but the BabyQ does, its just unbelievable that such a small telescope can exhibit such performance. Enjoy the BabyQ, its expensive but nothing else will ever be as good... The image capture of M31 is also very good and the stars as you say can be improved a little further with screwed connectors to the telescope.
  4. Can't see the image??? Its asking me to login for some reason???
  5. Given all of your challenges that's great image!
  6. I think you are doing your self a little injustice - the detail in the ring is fantastic, only a minor common but I'd reduce the background a little to increase the contrast but its a great image nevertheless.
  7. Great image, I'm loving the different star colours...
  8. Beautiful images... I like the electric blue one myself...
  9. Dark site really do make a difference, well done...
  10. Nicely done, lots of detail in there.
  11. Lots of detail in here but you need a few more subs to bring the noise down a bit more...great capture though nevertheless.
  12. That's a fantastic result Mick, definitely one to be proud of but I know exactly what you mean about the Hubble pallet. It could be a little more golden... but its very subjective and I certainly like your version. Sometimes these images get pushed a little too hard from a colour point of view. It seems to be all down to processing with the selective colour control in Photoshop... and the person preference / eyes. I'm ready jealous of both your location and obsy, what's the next target? Are well, I'll solve my jealous issue this Saturday since I'm off to the TAK shop here in Japan ;-)) Don't t
  13. Good dark sites help the S/N problem and prevent gradients! They don't bring you anymore signal but the signal you get is of a higher quality so you don't need to work as hard! A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to speed a long weekend in the Wye valley, with friends, the sky was superb when it was clear.
  14. Looking forward to it now...can't wait to see you all again :-))
  15. Wow, that's a fantastic image excellently processed... Lots of really nice structure. Interesting exposure choice to enhance the blue components of the image. Was this your idea or something that you have read / seen else where? Id have gone with a classic LRGB but iM now wondering how it would compare? Food for thought! Great result.
  16. The basic image looks nice (grey-scale) but the tonal mapping hasn't worked and looks, to be honest unnatural.
  17. Looks like a very capable camera and users, excellent results.
  18. I'm looking forward to seeing more nice images from your location. This is an excellent result with a DSLR, keep up the good work.
  19. Saving up and buying a good mount is always the best and wises advise since a telescope is useless without a stable platform to operate it from!!!
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