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  1. Its always a delicate balance when processing the background, too much and you get clipping, too little and any artefacts or unevenness shows through... Still its a fantastic image when all said and done - Welcome to the TAK club!!! I'm off to buy some more TAK bits and pieces today!!!
  2. Excellent result, its nice to see the GRS so clearly along with the moons...
  3. That's a very good first attempt. It nice to see the moons as well as Jupiter. I can't see where I parked by Death Star!!!
  4. Stunning image of Jupiter... lots of detail coming through the equatorial bands...beautiful.
  5. Can't really add much to the advise already given here, except to say; don't try and solve them all in one night, otherwise things may get worse!!! Concentrate on collimation and don't rely only on a laser, make a Cheshire / pep-hole and check the physical alignment before using a laser to tweak the collimation.
  6. I like the first image best, the second is a little too over stretched...
  7. Wow... the bar is rising higher and higher this year... truly stunning image of Jupiter.
  8. Wow... that's a fantastic result from the UK... what time was it and how high was Jupiter when you captured the data?
  9. Wow... Jupiter is looking excellent, how high was it in your sky? Must have been above 40 deg. right?
  10. Nice capture of the witches broom, if you don't mind me saying, you made a classic DSLR mistake! I think you already realised that unless the camera is cooled the 10min subs are just causing you to record more and more thermal noise... I made this mistake as well, trying to do 20min subs, it just doesn't work, you would be better of sticking to 3mins or 5mins max and allowing some cool down period in between each shot as well. 3min + 1min cool down etc... The more shots you get the more control you will get over the noise which sit mainly in the RED channel. Still its a nice capture and your d
  11. There is some really nice detail in there, now you just need the SII and OIII and you're done!
  12. Mick, I think you should post your SQM reading with the image... got to be mag. 6 or better sky's when you started the H Alpha, right?
  13. Nice start but this is one of those images that really needs a lot of time... If you can, add in some H Alpha too to bring out the shock waves in the cigar
  14. That's going to be an excellent image when its finished. Lot's and lot's of resolution in here!!!
  15. Very nice capture, I'm not such a fan of Noel's action; I like to know what's going on behind the scenes so to speak. But they can be very useful for beginners, reducing the processing burden etc...
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