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  1. It sends me away from home when the skies are clear and brings me back when there cloudy
  2. I'm not trying to wind any one up or shout... just EMPHASIS certain words. One of my central points is that we take to many things for granted or as FACT when they are not facts at all. Physics is just a model, that's right, a construct or analogy whatever your happy to call it. Its the best model that we have at present and we keep refining it, trying to make it perfect and the answer to everything, which is of course 42!!! Sorry could resist that one! No one can show me a bucket of TIME? But we take its flow from one second to the next for granted, still time itself is a convenient imaginary
  3. Rubbish... The human mind is more powerful than this statement would imply, we can conceive all sorts of exotic theories outside of the traditional boundaries that are self imposed up us! For example; IMAGINARY NUMBERS, they are a foundation stone in quantum theory but do they really exist? If they do, they certainly do not existing in any real spacetime, maybe and idealised spacetime but not ours for sure! IMAGINARY numbers have vex mathematicians for centuries since they can produce a REAL number! I'll not bore people with the maths, just look it up if your interested. PLATO conceived a pur
  4. Very nice image, it amazing that us amateurs can routinely capture such images of faint galaxies these days...
  5. Nice set of images by the way... perhaps you should pay me to come to Japan more often since its the only time the night are clear!!!
  6. Ha Ha Ha, only when I'm in Japan!!!
  7. Hum... not sure to be honest, its a nice image but colour is a very subjective topic. There are no absolute right of wrongs, so your interpretation is just as valid as anyone else. I tend to prefer the gold / blue Hubble pallet myself but can never quite get it right!!!
  8. You're certainly making some nice progress.
  9. Very nice... Now you just need the other two colours SII and OIII.
  10. Nice effort, but what's happening to your stars? It might be that the focus has slipped during the exposure? But they are looking quite fussy.
  11. Excellent start but I'd never shoot with the lens fully open, stopping down a bit to F4 will improve the stars... I know the temptation is to gather lots of data fast, hence the F2.8 but F4 will improve the quality of the stars.
  12. I agree with the last poster and would add that if your focal length is at or below 1000 mm then anyone should be able to get a nice trace in PHD or MaxIm. Alignmaster is built-in to my mount and is very easy to use to get accurately aligned on the poll to within a couple of arc-minutes. Drift alignment is the best technique but you really do need a permanent setup for this.
  13. Wow... The Moon has given you a lovely gradient and the Crescent of course... well done...
  14. If this field real is from 13 Billion Years ago? Then BB is already in trouble! The Earth took 4.5 Billion Years to form, right! So now what's the probability that one of these galaxies has a rock based planet, very high on the count that there are so many of them! So either the universe is older than we think or we have to completely rethink spacetime and the speed of light? In fact, there are so many unanswered questions about the BB? But I'll not go on here otherwise we risk turning this into a physics thread!!!
  15. I'm really jealous..! Mag. 6 sky's wow... I can only dream of them! I'm going to buy one of these little things for Christmas to see what it says about my sky's, I might be selling in by January...
  16. Wow... this is a tough object, nicely done...
  17. Very nice indeed...just needs a few more subs to bring the noise down further...
  18. I can't believe that so many galaxies existed so early in the universes history..!
  19. Are no, your wrong here! This is a classical mistake bases upon how we experience light in the day time. We receive so many Photon's per second that the real nature of light and Photon's is never perceived. Light (Photon's) arrive RANDOMLY in what is known as a POISSON distribution, so it doesn't matter; 3x10min is the same as 10x3min, expect for the additional READ-NOISE which is normally tiny compared to the other noise contributions. Therefore; 6x5min might be the idea compromise! Finally, be careful with DSS; I moved away from it because it performs a deconvolution on the images before ali
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