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  1. I have a standard Phillips SP900 web-cam but I wanted to see what I could do with the HX916. I thought the extra resolution might help. However, with subjects like the moon you right in that web-cams and Registax rule! You can find some web-cam images taken with my M250 at the following link; http://www.astroforum.nl/maanmozaik-ii-t16611.html My friend Bert came over with his modified Phillips 840k web-cam, it has a monochrome chip. The weather is changing this weekend and not for the better, never mind its seems that I'm just now getting your weather, thanks!!!
  2. No Billy that's great, how did you make the adjustment, with Photoshop? Does the CLS always bring a cyan cast to the images? I must admit that I didn't notice it in the image since its predominate blue, thanks for the help. Neil.
  3. That's a good point Richie, I forgot to add that I used an Astronomic CLS filter. This helps to control local light pollution. Without it my sky glow limit is about 5-7mins depending upon the conditions. With it I'm able to get up to 15 - 20min subs. That makes a big difference to the final image quality. I still hate doing darks, especially 15 / 20 min darks... but as we all know there mandatory! Neil.
  4. I think its a great image and would have love to have taken it myself... I don't think the scope is the problem, its more to do with the flattener which I've heard isn't that good from WO. On another forum people are using Televue flattener instead. If your striving for perfection, your not there yet but your closer to it than me!
  5. Wow, that's a great wide field image, where did you take this image. Must have been a really dark site?
  6. Here is an image from Christmas 2008! Sound so long ago now! The sky open for a few days after Christmas and I managed to gather 2 hours of data to capture the nebulosity. The image was taken with my TOA130F at 7.7 with a standard Canon 1DMIII. (click to enlarge) Hope you like it, Neil.
  7. No field flatterer was use, there is a little field curvature but overall it isn't so noticeable. I'm a lucky boy since I have two dream scopes. The TOA130F and the Mewlon M250, working in Japan helps since buying this equipment in Europe is defiantly out of the question. If you ever visit Japan and Akihabara (10 min from Tokyo), look up a shop called Starbase, its slice of Takahashi heaven at prices that you won't believe! :mrgreen:
  8. Attached is an image of the cater Copernicus, seeing was good but unfortunately the transparency was poor. The image was taken with Mewlon M250 and my HX916 Starlight Xpress ccd in infrared light using an infrared pass filter. Its very challenging using a 3000mm focal length scope under such conditions. Let's hope the weather improves! (click to enlarge) Hope you enjoy the image. Neil.
  9. I guess this is everyone's favorite target at this time of the year. Bright, easy to find and relatively easy to image. The following was taken with a TOA130F at F7.7 and with a standard Canon 1DMIII, no modifications etc... (click to enlarge) I hope you enjoy my latest attempt at imaging this famous nebula Neil.
  10. Here is an image of the Moon's south pole and Clavious. The image was captured with a TOA130F with extender Q and a HX916 starlight Xpress ccd. (click to enlarge) Hope you enjoy the image Neil.
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