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  1. Very nice, I know exactly what you mean regarding the clouds :-(( I'm also suffering!!!
  2. A very nice start, I get some more HA before going for OIII and SII, look forward to seeing it finished!
  3. Very nice capture, perhaps you have clipped the background a little but otherwise its a very nice image.
  4. Very nice, I always enjoy these super-wide shots of the night sky, simply beautiful.
  5. Its nice to see the Sun once again!!! Its been very cloudy here lately . Well done, nice capture, didn't realise that there were that many Sun spots!
  6. A pity that you didn't have more time! That the frustration of this hobby. Nice captures in the time that you did have though...
  7. I Have only just returned from Japan with some nice upgrades for my Mewlon M250, you can read more information her at my blog. Essentially, I have fitted a new baffle tube with corrector lenses inside which completely remove all traces of coma, delivering 4 micro stars across a 40mm field of view and 35mm with the reducer fitted. More important to me is the fact that it brings my F number dwon from F12 to F10 and F7 with the reducer. This is much more manageable in the Netherlands where the conditions are, well never really good enough to use this telescope. Everything was successful and you c
  8. This is a tough little object with lot of detail in there, well done.
  9. Your on your way to the DARK side and your journey will be complete once you start taking FLATS...
  10. What is this A2!S software??? Can't find it using google!!! Nice image by the way.
  11. That's excellent; these newer camer's seem to be really excelling this apparition, the bar is being set very high... Is this a colour ccd of mono? I have been very surprised at how well the colour versions are performing!
  12. The reason that I asked is that you see some bizarre figures quoted on some sites regarding F numbers that are clearly not a multiple of the orignal telescopes F# etc... Of course, using a good barlow makes things easier, getting a good barlow that doesn't cost a fortune is more difficult. Let's see if I can get a Celestron Ultima 2x to test out, if not then I'll try a TV or Zeiss barlow / Powermate....
  13. Very nice images and I like the crazy Paving too, even though its not the intended effect... very interesting though
  14. Excellent image, the cameras really working well. I'm no expert but one trick / technique I try is the upsize the images (AVI) using virtualdub then run registax and down size again or not as the case maybe? The theory being that the alignment of frames will be better and produce a improved result when stacked. I'm sure other can give you some better advise... Tips & tricks etc...
  15. Are... You should look up Takahashi Mewlon M250S or take a look at my website? The Mewlon is a Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain which has no corrector plate, open tube design the same as a newton, the corrector/s now sits in the central baffle tube behind the secondary mirror, hence, no issues with trapped thermal currents inside the tube. I have never done it but the rear plate is also removable to allow for faster cooling, normally its cooled down inside 1 hour. You can see this when you observe the out of focus star when checking collimation. Tube currents appear as distortions / waves running aroun
  16. Try looking on the Dutch site I saw a DMK21 on there a while back. Jupiter is great this year, really high up in the sky which also helps of course... I woke my son up this morning to take a look!!! He really appreciated it, spent 10 mins with me and went back to bed... Hes on school holiday at the moment... The weather here has taken a turn for the worse though, never mind.
  17. Neil P, I have just placed an ad asking for a Celestron Ultima 2x barlow on my favourite Dutch website www.te-les-koop.nl = a play on words which means "buy more cheaply" or pay less which ever you prefer!!! Just found this other link to an ABBE ZEISS barlow lens http://www.unitronitalia.com/prodotti.asp?cod=BP&type=130 I think this is the one that you mean? Finally, what's your opinion of these eyepiece projection systems? This could be another alternative? I have a nice TAK LE 25 mm that might be suitable for use it such a system.
  18. Wow... that fantastic...what do you use to spatially remove the noise? I'm just using Registax for everything at the moment...align->limit->stack->wavelets maybe finish in PS with a little curves and noise reduction, that's it.
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