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  1. WOW, that's a great capture and the galaxies are really popping out at you..! Neil.
  2. Hi Ron, To be honest I don't know? They look the same to me! I bought the HX916 second hand and wouldn't really strongly recommend the Starlight Xpress camera's. The camera hardware itself is great and for 500 Euro's I'm getting a 1.3MPixel sensor. No, the main issue is the capture software isn't great so you need a 3rd party plug to a more expensive app like Maxin DL etc... Be aware of this if you intend to get one of these camera. Also the older versions like mine do not play well with anything but Windows XP and even then I needed to learn a little USB magic. The USB 1.1 interface needs to be the first HID detected. I also have an Atik 16IC as a guide camera and would have loved to buy its bigger brother... Maybe one day? I'm not a Mono man, I'm just building up to colour slowly. Again to be honest I have a nice FLI 7x 2" USB controlled filter wheel standing by. I just under estimated the cost of 2" filters (800 Euros) Strange I know, I have money for TAK scopes but begrudge spending so much on these accessories, it all add's up. Neil
  3. Thanks Ron & Tom, I have the feeling that under dark sky's I'd be hitting bull-eyes all night long but under our less than perfect sky's, what you think you see or what you might imagined you saw are so indistinguishable, well you know the rest. Yes, I can imagine that the single Malt doesn't help, but it does keep you WARM inside ;-) Neil.
  4. WOW that's a great result, looks like you are really making the most of your modded 1000D. As you say, it can only get better towards summer, however, I think you have enough data already... Neil.
  5. That's a great image even without the H Alpha data. As far as the mistakes go, we live another day and hopefully we learn from them... I'm just building up to Tri-colour imaging, one step at a time... Neil.
  6. That's a fantastic image, those FSQ are special, not to mention the QSI. As you already said its an even better result considering the position. What's the winter project if I may ask? Neil.
  7. WOW, that's a very nice result with a DSLR. I'm sure that with a little more processing time you could improve the background further, something to come back to once you catch up on your sleep! Still it a very nice image. Neil
  8. This time I tried to push up the magnification and image scale. Same telescope but now with the extender Q image amplifier (1.5x). Telescope: TOA130F with ExtQ Camera : HX916 Filter: CLS Integration: 50 Min's The weather last night co-operated for a while but the transparency was never good, average to poor later on. Seeing was good all night. However at 01:10 the clouds rolled in and put an end to imaging. This time I have applied dark's to the lights and later used deconvolution to improve the image structure and quality. Neil.
  9. Thanks for the comments so far, here is the same picture now reprocessed with dark's taken last night. I'm about to post a closeup of the crab shortly. I have applied a little bit of deconvolution to the final image. Not really convinced, I might have increased the resolution of the larger structures at the expense of the finer detail? Neil
  10. This is my first attempt at the Crab Nebula. It a monochrome capture using my HX916 ccd to gather the data. Normally I would use a DSLR however I was not sure that an unmodded DSLR would be able to detect and record much detail. Telescope: TOA130F Camera: HX916 Filter: CLS Integration: 45 Min's (No dark's and No flats) Next time I might push the magnification and image scale higher. Finding these things is always the hardest challenge, even with charts and planetarium software. In fact, these tools can add to the frustration, since they clearly indicate some is there that you cannot see. M1 appear as the faintest of silver smudges in the eyepiece and then once the camera was in place, it jumped into view with as little as 15 seconds of integration. Neil.
  11. Thank for the comments guy's. Kiss 2x is the Japanese name for the 450D, sorry for the confusion. Don't think NGC7000 going to be possible for me, my view point is S - > W -> N from the back garden etc... The front impossible because of street light. Well not impossible but definitely more difficult. I normally wait until the summer for Cygnus to be in position. On the top of my list at the moment is M1 with a HX916 ccd since I'm not confident that the Kiss 2x (450D) will be able to detect it? Neil. The camera will hopefully be modded in April.
  12. Thanks Guy's, It seem that a lot of this depends on the weather conditions. In particular the seeing or steadiness of the atmosphere. Some people in the UK seem to be sitting in particularly good sweat spots weather wise lately... Neil.
  13. Well thats a very fine image of Saturn... and very similar to my result from last night. Neil.
  14. Well I tried to push for more image scale, however, at F22 the only thing that I got was mush... Thats 6 metres by the way for those who are interested! Anyway, I wound things back to F16 (1.5 x F11) and Saturn improve a little. I captured approx 1GB of data and then passed it via Registax 5. Telescope: Mewlon M250 Camera : Philips SPC900 Seeing and transparency were both average. I don't know what I done wrong but someone is punishing me... Everytime I look I see some great images of Saturn, far better than mine... Neil.
  15. WOW, and your not happy with it? I'd definately yes that it raises the bar to a very high standard for a DSLR... I'd love to have taken it... Neil.
  16. That's a great image and I don't think many people can argue with you regarding the title... I certainly can't Neil.
  17. That's an amazing image... I see that your imaging from the south of France... Sky conditions must be a big bonus for you. I'm in Holland and struggle with all the English weather that comes over from Darbyshire ;-) Neil.
  18. WOW, maybe one day I'll get to see it myself... Now if I can just find a business reason to visit OZ?
  19. Last night the sky was clear and I managed to setup very quickly to grab my last shot of M42. Orion is raising and setting very quickly now and will soon to gone for another year. Telescope: TOA130F @ F7.7 Camera: Kiss 2X (450D) The seeing and transparency were both average. The image scale as increase due to the greater crop factor(1.6). The camera is still unmodded, however, I think the result is it quite good for just a little over 1 hour at ISO800. Neil.
  20. What the hell is going on! I'm struggling to image at F11 and I come across these fantastic images of Saturn... I need to pull my finger out or something... I can't believe you had such nice weather conditions and your only 450km across the channel as the crow flies... Great images, Neil.
  21. Sorry I appear to have posted in the wrong thread... I don't know how to move it to planetary?
  22. I missed Orion and so switched to the open cluster M37 in Auriga. This is a combination of 10 x 3mins exposures at ISO800. I used a CLS filter to cut down the light pollution and to increase the overall contrast. Weather conditions were not exactly good but the best they have been for a long while now. Transparency was poor and seeing for average, not the main problem on the night. Telescope = TOA130 @ F7.7 Camera = Kiss 2X (450D) The computer control worked perfectly, which allowed me to go inside and watch some TV while the captures were made... The final image was stacked and adjusted in PhotoShop. I think its a nice image but I can't get to excited over these open clusters, at least not after M42. Neil.
  23. My first attempt at Saturn this year. The weather conditions weren't perfect, but were the best they have been for weeks, so what the hell. Actually, this is the first time that I have captured Saturn with my Mewlon M250. Saturn moved into position at around 23:00. Transparency was poor with a lot of water vapor still in handing around in the atmosphere. My guess is that this is going to become much worse as we go into spring. Seeing was average, not really the main problem on the night. My feeling was that the native F11 was enough for the conditions, perhaps a little too much. I might have been able to push this to F22 with an IR pass filter but its doubtful! Neil.
  24. Hi Magnus, There quite a few of us European's here on SGL along with other members from around the world... Some even lucky enough to be in the warmer, clearer Southern hemisphere... Welcome to the group, I guess your home site is really nice and dark when the weather allows, us Northern European's aren't getting our fair share of clear sky's at the moment. I'm in Holland and am constantly getting all the rubbish weather from the UK. Anyway, I'm sure that you will enjoy it here on cloudy nights! Neil.
  25. Try an IR pass filter on a webcam for imaging as the longer wave length of IR light is less disturbed by the atmosphere, same goes for the Moon and other planets. Neil.
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