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  1. Very nice capture with lots of detail around the galaxies...beautiful wide field image.
  2. Very, very nice capture with lots of detail come through the nebula... The subtle processing has worked out a treat and all of the colours are there. Sometimes these Hubble's are a little overcooked, but not this one.
  3. A very fine capture with lots of detail everywhere, beautiful.
  4. Excellent work as usual, the large version on your website is simply stunning. I hope you have a HDR tutorial there? Will be checking when I return from my business trip in Japan.
  5. That an excellent result...simply beautiful.
  6. A very nice capture with a DSLR... Especially for 2.5 hours. well done.
  7. Very nice image and an interesting signature!!!
  8. That's probably it; LP raising your sky limit... The reason that I asked is that I've been considering one of these cameras to double my imaging time.
  9. Very nice image as usual; but is it me or do these OSC camera suffer from more colour noise (6H20M is a lot of time already) especially for such a bright object.
  10. Excellent image... this is another tough cookie with low surface brightness... well done.
  11. Thanks for the comments, I'm going to try and get back to this one when I return from Japan.
  12. Fantastic image...simple superb...really jealous of your weather conditions.
  13. Looks like your well on your way to achieving a very good image.
  14. A shame that you didn't quite catch the plane, it would have been stunning, passing across the moon!!!
  15. I love these animations, great work.
  16. Wow...another beautiful mars image. To early in the morning for me though!
  17. Wow and wow, mars is really nice, specially for such a tiny object!!! Excellent work.
  18. I think it depends on the ccd camera? I find that the signal strength varies in the following order from stronges to weakest; Ha, SII and then OIII. For me the OIII is definitely the weakest of all three.
  19. Thanks for that, I'll definitely take a look. I also have an action now kindly provided by Aggelos which I'm also studying at the moment. Its fun learning new techniques!!!
  20. Sorry for disturbing the UTOPIA at Stargazersolunge? I think its also a good idea to take the adult discussions to CLOUDYNIGHTS, don't be a ashamed or embarrassed just announce it. (No further comments necessary or will be posted here by me)
  21. Finally some words of wisdom, stage it at a uni or school,they need the income and can keep rates attractive. Besides its a nicer fit ( Education and Astronomy). This is exactly what the Germans do with the ATT Assen exhibition and it's the biggest in Europe!
  22. Given the disappointing time several SGL's have experienced at AstroFest this year. I'd like to point your attention to the biggest astronomy exhibition in Europe, ATT Assen. ATT - Europes biggest astronomy fair This event is held on the premisses of a school just over the Dutch boarder and is well attended and supported by all the major manufacturers. I guess being in a school costs are kept manageable for all. Its definitely worth the trip for the serious amateur astronomer, you see kit there to die for!!! And yes there will be bargins on offer as well... :D:D
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