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  1. I've a problem that's driving me mad. I can't get my game pad recognized, all the buttons are blanked out except the 'cancel button' everything else works fine but the game pad, it's a genuine microsoft one, it's recognized by device manger which says that it is working ok. The drivers are installed and the game pad is working ok just not recognized by ascom
  2. Just had my first look at star tools, I've been using PI for about 3 years now and am still confused by it. On the other hand downloaded Star tools and the first time I put a pic through it it came out reasonable. I've read a few things on ST and watched a few You tube vids on it. Seems like what I want but before I purchase a licence I'd like to hear a few for and against it arguments. Thanks in advance.
  3. I've been using APT with my canon 1100d for awhile now, and am very happy with it for the 1100d, but now I've moved up (?) to a ZWO cmos camera and APT doesn't seem to cut the mustard now. I've been looking at other capture software have tried firecapture and sharpcap. Firecapture seem OK for solar system pictures but I'm mainly interested in DSO stuff. Now the options seem to be between MaximDL (very expensive) Sequence Generator pro and Nebulosity. I'm happy with Pixinsight for processing so I really need only a capture program, but it would be nice to have guiding integrated in the capture
  4. Taken from the Southern Hemisphere with 250mm reflector, canon1100d modded. processed with Pixinsight (totally)
  5. Never thought about it before, but logically it must, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Unless there is a process we haven't discovered yet where H is produced from sub-atomic particles, then the whole process of the universe could go on and on.
  6. NGC253 taken 6/10/18 in bortel 4. Can't seem to bring out the star forming regions, and the focus is a little off. This was thew first time I'd imaged this galaxy.
  7. In the imaging chain of a B&W cmos camera would a light pollution filter be a better option than the luminescence filter?
  8. When you first point a camera at the dark sky you look at the result and say 'well I think I can do better than that'. There lies the road to financial ruin, divorce, and sleepless nights! There is always that little bit of extra kit you need, ' doesn't cost anything love $200 at the most' but to go with that I'll need this etc etc. What I'm saying is it's expensive and you never seem to be satisfied with the results, back to 'I can do better than that' All in all astrophotography is the most satisfying and at the same time frustrating hobby, wish I staid with faceting, no I don't really LOL
  9. I've never had any success with a USB hubs, tried lots form ridiculously expensive to dirt cheap. I now run separate USB leads from the equipment to the computer! I find this the best way and the cheapest.
  10. 25th May around 11pm (I am +10 ut) 250mm f4.4 reflector, NEQ6 mount, stacked with Autostakker lightly processed with Pixinsight.
  11. I can't see it coming back either, with digital you cut out all the processing involved. Can you imagine all the carfuful just getting focus leave alone anything else. No I'll say with digital thanks.
  12. Not the only sealer that works sikaflex marine is works too. The dome pieces are easily assembled on your own also placing them on the wall isn't very difficult by yourself.
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