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  1. My apologies for the absence recently. I have managed to get the foundation in for the dome and warm room. I also managed to make a start on the dome. I will attach photos when I can ge the file size down. I have had to put the project on pause due to an unplanned heart attack. It wasn't in my schedule of things to do. Lol. But I'm slowly on the mend. When I am back up and running I will post more updates as and when I can. Hopefully I will get it done before the start of winter as i have a list of things I would like to view.
  2. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL
  3. I'll be watching this space with baited breath. I've contacted the shop i bought mine from but as yet no response. I am back up norfolk way next week so i will go in and see what they have to say
  4. hi. nothing to add on advice really so just Hi and welcome to SGL
  5. Ok 40mm it is then. its not just a concrete filled 160mm pipe it is going to be reinforced with rebar and done in one pour so i think the loss of effectively having a 40mm hole down the middle should be ok as it will inside the rebar cage. and if it falls over i'll know how to do it right next time
  6. Many thanks again Gina. I thought that a 25mm pipe would be big enough but having not thought about exactly how many cables i might need to get through it your suggestion of using a 40mm would be a better way to go
  7. im only using 160mm drainage pipe so was uunsure if plonking 25mm conduit inside it would weaken it too much. if i was using 250mm then i wouldn't worry about it
  8. mariaone

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Gwil and welcome to SGL
  9. Hi Hazegood could you also let me know the responce from Skywatcher as i am having the same problems
  10. He he steal away. i won't have a problem with rats or mice as my obs is going in the country but i own a cat who can deal with them for me so no need for poison or traps just let nature deal with it
  11. Exactly what my handset does. Would love to hear if a replacement handset fixes the problem. Or else hammer and new mount will be required
  12. mariaone

    Hi All

    Hi and welcome to SGL
  13. My father is completely blind in one eye and has about 5% sight in his other eye. He has glocoma (spelt wrong) lol and a detached retina but he can see enough to use a 12.5mm eyepiece. Albeit with a slightly unorthodox method and for me the image is way out of focus for my eye. So I don't think it makes all that much difference as long as you can get the light to focus on the retina then it doesn't matter which eyepiece you are using
  14. ah ha! another clumsy person i did think about that but knowing me i would probably kick it by mistake if it was on the outside which is why i was going to put it well out of the way.
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