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  1. that is an awesome link thank you
  2. Thanks Rory , i decided to build up my collection with a couple of of second hand eye pieces, i picked up a few over the holidays namely the ones in my sig , the Celestron-X-Cel-LX-18mm (ebay £ 45.50) and 7mm (ebay £60, along with there 2X Barlow (ebay £50), also got EF 1.25" 19mm ExtraFlat Wide-Angle (ebay £42.99) (not sure if this was a wise purchase) i am very pleased with the build quality you can clearly appreciate the difference from the the basic set they come with, not had chance to use any of them as yet due to the rain and viewing conditions. i do need to give them all a good clean
  3. it is already available i have it on my nexus https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.noctuasoftware.stellarium&hl=en_GB
  4. this is the tube i am contemplating getting http://www.firstlightoptics.com/advanced-vx-goto/celestron-c6-n-newtonian-vx-goto.html this is the scope and mount i have at the moment http://www.firstlightoptics.com/az-goto/skywatcher-explorer-130p-synscan-az-goto.html just had a look and found this bit of info (should have done that at the start :/ http://www.sherwoods-photo.com/sky_watcher/skywatcher_computerised_telescopes.htm cant find (yet) the weight of the current 130p scope that it has on it at the moment
  5. looking at swapping out the scope for a Celestron N6 (not purchased as yet) this is a 6" x 750 scope , would it fit on this mount? it has a dove tail fitted so i assume it would if it get the balance right? also does anyone know what the eye piece size is as i am not sure if it has the 2" and 1.25 or just the latter. merry crimble to all by the way and happy new year
  6. is there a noticeable difference between the 8 mm BST and the baader Hyperion beside the the wider fov on the baader and the ability to use the 2" fitting, Does the 2" fitting make much of a difference ,I can see that the wider FOV would be better in tracking the planets .
  7. I take it i would be better of in the long run by purchasing some individual eye pieces , if i was to set the budget at say £100-£150 to get a couple to cover both planets and nebula would the BST explorer's or similar be ok for them ?
  8. I bought the laser collimator as the scope was purchased second hand and it was off but now as far as i can tell it is spot on , you can buy this eye piece with its own barlow, would that do what i want if it was set to 8X to give me double? or is it not as easy as that . Thank you all for the information so far it is very much appreciated
  9. If i were to purchase the Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece would this allow me to see things like the storm on the surface of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn weather permitting of course and what else would i be able to see with it ?
  10. Thanks for the answers guys, Apart from the obvious changing of eye pieces why would this http://www.telescopes.com/telescope-eyepieces/2-inch-eyepieces/baaderplanetariumhyperionasphericmodulareyepieces.cfm be better than this one? http://www.telescopes.com/telescope-eyepieces/125-inch-eyepieces/baaderhyperioneyepieces.cfm
  11. Good evening guys n gals I have the above scope and would like to be able to see more with it so it’s time to upgrade the lenses, i am pretty much a noob when it comes to this sort of thing. I was up and about in time to watch the geminids so got the scope out to view the moon and Jupiter, I must admit i was disappointed with the view of Jupiter with the scope as i could not make out any detail none of the bands were visible to me using the 2X barlow and the 10 mm all is moons i could be made out. We have a west facing garden in a relatively built up area, but with being a nightshift worker
  12. Is there a reason why you dont just get a spare laptop battery, alternatively you can get a 12 cell battery for the laptop so the inverter would not drain as much as it currently does as it will only need to power the dslr?
  13. Could it have been a hardware version that i read as 1.5 ? and not the firmware ? when i started it up it had info at the bottom on the left that said 1.5 but i did not get the chance to read the info that was on the right. I checked it last night and all seemed fine, i do however need to align the spotter scope up better as it is a little off.
  14. Bluetac


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys n gals and JamesM for the google books link, i shall be popping round to the post office later this morning to pick up the book (card through the door yesterday) i am sure we will get loads of use out of it.
  15. Hi Aenima thanks for the reply the version i had on ours said 1.5 , i was reading a few articles since i posted and one redirected me to there other site (link below to the download incase anyone else needs it) ours must have been older than the guy said? .. the version at the below link is V3.34 and went on fine release notes SynScan(TM) Hand Control Firmware (Ver.03.34) Release Note Date: Feb. 13, 2013 =============================================================== 1. Update from previous firmware of SynScan Ver.03.32. 2. Fix the bug in connecting SynScan GPS at power up and enhance the
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