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  1. Thanks Pete and Starman, defo want to get shutter release never even thought of the timer! D'oh I have 75-300mm lens too so will defo try out the moon pics once it gets to its full stage...any day now thanks for your info will be putting it to good use soon.
  2. I'm finding a bit of shake on my pictures as I don't have a shutter release. Anyone recommend a good relatively cheap one? Maybe one with a timer so I can do long exposures and not rely on my timing. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have just purchased one and so far my pics have come out not too bad just need a fiddle around with the settings to see what's best for me but money well spent I'd say
  4. Thanks for the info! Was wondering how I could get a cool name too! Now I know
  5. Thanks JamesF, Will definitely stick to it now I'm hooked! Hopefully tonight will have clear skies for another shot at it
  6. Think you could view them on my Flickr account at http://www.flickr.com/photos/94629975@N02/
  7. Ok so fairly chuffed with all the advice guys- practice and patience is key, had to try and get some pics before Orion went over the horizon but some pics got not sure how good they are but will try and post here for you (not sure how to tho!)! Thanks, Catherine
  8. Thanks for the post John, will defo give it a try myself, if I can get Orion ill be a happy camper
  9. Catherine45


    Welcome aboard Ken
  10. Excellent pictures James! That's what I hope to achieve eventually! Will defo give tis a try, trial and error I suppose. From my garden Jupiter and Sirius are very bright at the mo, great that I live in the middle of no where practically thanks Osborne will try also
  11. Hey guys thanks for the tips and the hellos. Will give it a try later if there is a clear sky just one question- how do I focus on infinity? Defo new to this! Thanks again x
  12. Hi guys, I recently purchased a Canon 1100d with the possibility of getting some pics of the night sky. I am only getting used to the camera thus far but am not really sure as to what settings to use for the best pics and what lens also- I have both the 18-55 mm lens and 75-300 mm lens, which would be best? tried getting some shots last night that looked great in the view finder but black in the photos! Call me stupid lol but I would like to know where I am going wrong thanks and any tips you may have would be great. I also have a tripod. Thanks in advance, Catherine
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