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  1. Hi happy new year to you all. Have not been on here for quite a while and been meaning to get myself a new telescope. After much researching on here decided to treat myself to the ever popular skywatcher skyliner 250px dob, also after reading lots of praise for FLO went with them and must say they did provide an excellent service. Yet to try out the scope but looks immense!! Currently going over astro baby's guide to collimation and practising on my old much smaller newt, do not have much experience with collimating, trying to build up my confidence before I fiddle with the dob! May of misread
  2. Thanks guys after much thought I'm leaning towards the skyliner- 250px 10" parabolic dobsonian telescope, I currently have a bresser galaxia f=900/d=114mm would I see a substantial difference between the two in good conditions?
  3. Hi welcome, seems to be a lot of astronomers in Norfolk! Can't beat the countryside Josh- fellow Norfolker
  4. Thanks great feedback, given me a lot to think about. Apologies meant to post in beginners section, still reading up on the ins and outs of telescopes. Maybe not the right scope for me.
  5. Thanks for that, I sense some rivalry between nas and bas! Will check it out, I work in Norwich so that's a plus
  6. Keep being drawn to this, seems like a very good piece of kit for a reasonable price, however have read mixed reviews on it and one that crops up is the reliability and accuracy of the goto technology. I understand there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a telescope and what you want out of it. My astronomy of a weekend consists of a few beers lugging the telescope out into the garden and gazing at the moon and Jupiter until my fingers are to numb to track it. As far as astro imaging is concerned holding my phone over the eye piece and excitedly showing my girlfriend a dot and a fe
  7. @JamesM haha that's what I like to hear! £500-1000 not a goto, would like to see galaxies and nebula, spend away! @AndyG I live in Watton thinking of joining one of the local astronomy groups Thanks everyone Josh
  8. In a documentary Stephen Hawking done called curiosity one of the theories he stated was that the Big Bang was sort of situated in a black hole. One of the biggest questions is what was before the Big Bang, Hawking pointed out that there could not of been anything before the Big Bang I.e a "creator" as time stops in a black hole, it does not exist so there could not be anything before it as there was no time. I also like the multiverse scenario, there could be universes that could not support life like a 2d universe!
  9. Well that's the warmest welcome I have ever received! Astronomers- such a kind species
  10. Hi all been very interested in physics for a long time and took up astronomy a while ago- love it! Now looking to upgrade my entry level Newtonian for something bit more potent, so thought I would have a wonder round here see what scopes you peeps are using! Happy stargazing Josh
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