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  1. Thank you both. It's one frame. I have absolutely no idea how to do stacking!!
  2. So here is my first attempt at lunar imaging. I am hoping to learn more and get better (and be able to afford more equipment) Considering I have had my scope for 18 months, I have had plenty of time to practice however it took me well over a year to get the flippin mount for my camera!! Anyway, here it is. Any tips greatly appreiciated.
  3. That's great. I'll look forward to the next one. Have been a bit quiet on the boards as trying to get to grips with everything. This astronomy lark is more confusing than I have it credit for. ;-)
  4. Thank you. I'll look into that.
  5. Actually, rather than buying online can you get these adapters at high st camera shops such as Jessops?
  6. Great, thank you very much. :-)
  7. Do I need the EQ mount if I'm just looking at doing moon shots to begin with?
  8. Lovely. Thank you so much. Shall be trying to search one out today. :-)
  9. Okay, I'm sure this has been asked before so I apologise if this is a, repeated for the 100th time question. I have a Canon 400D and a 2" adapter that came with my scope. What mount do I need for the camera. I'm confused by it all. I managed to get my first moon picture last night just by holding my iPhone to my eyepiece and now I'm desperate to get on with DSLR shooting. Thanks. :-)
  10. Well unfortunately despite my enthusiasm to come along I can't. I have a bit of a mercy mission to Liverpool that I have to do so I hope you all have a good night. I shall keep my fingers crossed that there will be another meet and I will be able to come along to that one.
  11. For me it was when we did a project, aged 8, in primary school on the planets. It was a very basic project, obviously, but something tweaked in my wee brain then. I've always had an interest since then but back in 2009 we were on an RV trip around British Columbia in Canada. We stopped at a camp site not far from The Rockies and when night fell we were treated to the most amazing show ever! To see the sheer amount that we did, thanks to no light pollution at all, just blew me away and really peaked my interest once again. Thankfully the husband has taken the hint and after nearly 4 years of m
  12. Wow! Thank you all so much for advice. I shall read and try to make some kind of decision.
  13. Yes, thanks Adrian. I'm looking forward to meeting up and annoying you all with silly newbie questions!
  14. Thank you. Will try and pop along and see what happens.
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