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  1. Yeah, the oblong plastic brake piece. Clean snap right through the centre. I have fashioned something together in some aluminium angle that i had. It seems to be holding. Of all the mods on the lightrbidge i have had nothing but bother with the brake (lost grip can't tighten enough, spins in the chipboard) and wonder if there is anything else out there.
  2. Just snapped my break on my 12" AAARGH, anyone point me in a the direction of a modification? any help appreciated
  3. Thanks guys ironing chair it is then with some modification.
  4. Whats the difference apart from the price? Anybody using an ironing chair? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, Loving the images here and while I will probably not get into astro imaging planets or DSO's I have become more than just curious about solar photography/imaging. I have a 12" meade lightbridge and 105etx, neither of which I think will be any use other than popping a solar filter on for some basic observing. Looking at the coronado solarmax || 60 as a scope above a PST. What camera is suitable? I have a nikon d700 could i use this? would it damage the camera in anyway? What mount is required? Thanks in advance for taking time to give the advice and treat me like an idiot with your response in that assume I no nothing so as dumbed down as you like. Cheers Johnny
  6. I like that on the first night the showed realistic views you get from a telescope and not an astro photo. I don't think that concentrating much on what you ask would draw many people in, it is not "observing live" or "astronomy live" it is a lot broader than that. I don't want to see what you ask for as I can go and look through my scopes anytime, I don't think the in scope images are that inspirational in themselves (you need to understand the scale of things e.g. 34million miles to mars, 23 million light years to whirlpool galaxy) and certainly not for TV if the programmes remit is to inspire then I think the balance is perfect and its been the best series to date.
  7. As I said before the format of these shows has been to capture the imagination and suck you in to Astronomy. Night vision of a man in a field with telescopes don't make good tele nor does it show the wonders of what is up there to see so as to draw you in. I think they have got the balance right in content and last night was inspirational with two hero's who know exactly how to talk about their field in non technical jargon but not talking down or dumbed down. Poco is an unbelievable lady at the top of her field again inspirational, just wish she had not cut in on Hadfield when he courteously deferred to Cunningham on the question of inspirational thing they had seen. Shame they did not give the Cmdr the chance to tell us as lets face it is guys like him that will have inspired so many young people into science.
  8. I thought this was a great balanced show. Bear in mind I don't think it is aimed at us, if you read the astro magazines your pretty up to date and most of the stuff I had read about. If this isn't for people established in our hobby it is there to catch the imagination of others to get them interested in the field and to actually have a look up there firstly with your eyes and then with telescope (granted they did not say look with bin's). If you get down to it how many people who don't know what they are looking at will be impressed with a grey fuzzy blob or a disc which is slightly orangey or is plain with a couple of stripes. In themselves unless you understand what you are looking at they are pretty unimpressive. So the programme set out to capture peoples imagination and for most the first step will be a look with their eyes, pair of bins and best to go to an AAS where they can see different scopes (get to know budgets and what you will see with it). I have always had a problem with S@N not showing realistic images from scopes instead showing astrophoto's. I was glad to see realistic images for what can be achieved in your own eye with a modest scope. A lot of my friends don't get it and wonder what I get from it. After last nights programme I would be surprised if they don't after watching last night understand its the majesty of the whole field which interests me and i can see past the fuzzy grey blob to the wonder of it all. Don't get me wrong we need the great images to draw on our imagination the M31 they put up was great as was the stats they got across. The AAS stuff could have been better actually stand by a scope and say to person what are you looking at then show a realistic image (even if it is recorded). But the AAS stuff will hopefully see people get in touch with their local society to explore the opportunities of our great pastime. Great guests, great subjects, lucked out weather GREAT, great programme to wet somones appetite and get them interested.
  9. I bought one of these for my lad an it is a cracking little scope for the money. Good second hand pair on bins would be be my shout, you will get more bang for your buck.
  10. We have evolved to be fearful of the dark. So on there is an impossible argument to be had on social basis. Environmentally and economically it can be argued that switching off your house lights, making your garden darker is better for you in your pocket and better for urban wildlife. Environmentally and economically the argument for replacing expensive to run sodium lights with more efficient lighting is an easy argument to build upon. While local authorities role out this, they can at the same time use lights which for no extra cost are more effective in controlling light pollution. As power costs grow public will slowly change habits and look for more efficient domestic lighting for interior and exterior. Why should I turn my light off? It saves me money!
  11. http://www.meteoradar.co.uk/home/satellite_UK_and_Ireland track the sequence of images yourself and use in conjunction with other weather forecasts
  12. It would be a bit boring if the questions were straight forward and as said before a bit of fun still claiming 22 through
  13. 21 and yes some questions are rubbish. Comet develops a tail well mate that is indeed true and unless i am mistaken (i am sure i will be corrected by plenty of members) said tail is the result of melting and direction of tail relative to solar winds. so claiming 22
  14. Just been head hunted which is nice, even nicer is when they ask you what package do you want to come on board and the give you it! So better job and better money and more time to get out, if the weather changes. So a very very happy bunny
  15. Blowing a gale here, lost the new trampoline this afternoon 1/2 a mile up the road in pieces. Official technical description is "grubbed" So with the wind a complete non starter
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