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    Just starting out on this journey (as long as the clouds are cooperating) and have a Celestron NexStar 127 SLT, a Coronado PST and a pair of 10x50 Helios Fieldmaster binoculars.
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    Glasgow, UK
  1. Hi, thanks for the replies. A Cube Pro looks nice however I don't think it would handle my Mak 127 and my PST Modded Evostar 90mm. If its tracking I need I guess I could just rough it with my Nexstar SLT tripod as it does not a bad job. Thanks.
  2. Hi Ronin, thanks for your reply. to be honest I'd be looking at a fairly cheap one. My stage 2 PST mod (an Evostar 90mm donor OTA) has wiped out pretty much all my astronomical funds and the wife wouldn't be best pleased if I were to spend too much on my next acquisition. (I also use a webcam and then AS2 to stack the image then use photoshop elements to add false colour. I currently use a Nexstar SLT which is a ALT AZ Goto and it tracks the sun automatically, I was looking for a more basic manual set up without a power tank and wondering if it was do-able. The EQ you suggest appears interesting but I would have to wait a little to get the funds up. Thanks Steve
  3. Hi, I am looking for some advice on a simple grab and go scope primarily to be used for solar imaging and observing (and nightime observing on my Mak 127). Whilst an EQ, I imagine, would be very stable, would an ALT AZ like a Skywatcher AZ4 be ok for imaging the sun? As i said, I'm after something fairly light and can be set up very quickly, Many thanks Steve
  4. Hi, I currently have a stage 1 PST mod (90mm Evostar) and am just about to embark on the stage 2 adventure. I was thinking if perhaps using the mod with binoviewers so I was wondering if I should go for a BF10 or BF15. Is there any difference (apart from the size of the filter and the price? ) What would you recommend? I have also started imaging with a Chameleon so my mod would be used for both observing and imaging. Thanks Steve
  5. stevil

    Sun 29-4-14

    Another one, I'm not to happy with my merging skills in photoshop though.
  6. stevil

    Sun 29-4-14

    Posting the images as PNGs as advised above (Steve Ward makes a very good point about downloading unknown files) Thanks Steve
  7. stevil

    Sun 29-4-14

    Ah ha, thanks Michael.
  8. stevil

    Sun 29-4-14

    Well that didn't work either. What have I done wrong?
  9. stevil

    Sun 29-4-14

    Hmm, not sure how I managed to insert links instead of the images themselves. As I cannot edit my original post, I will try again with just the first 1 this time. conv_100047_g3_b3_ap735.tif
  10. Hello, I attempted to do my first ever imaging yesterday but it wasn't so good so instead I will show what I came up with today. I've got Photoshop Elements, maybe I should look at trying GIMP as the differences in full fat Phothsop and my diet version are far too confusing for my little brain. PST Stage 1 Mod with Starwatcher Evostar 90mm Donor, x2 Barlow Chameleon CCD Mounted on Nexstar SLT I also used Firecapture & Autostakket I would be very grateful for any pointers especially now to merge proms with the solar disc. conv_100047_g3_b3_ap735.tif conv_094301_g3_b3_ap864.tif conv_095751_g3_b3_ap664.tif Thanks, Steve
  11. Oh, since I have 2 of the mod masters' attention here (Peter and Ken) a quick question if I may: I am looking at doing a stage 2 at some point and was wondering if the Borg Helical Focusser (http://www.firstlightoptics.com/borg-helical/borg-helical-focuser-s-7315.html) would work. I am also wondering what spacers I would need from the etalon to this Focusser (if it is ok to use) and how to measure the 200mm from the etalon to the eyepiece / star diagonal / camera (basically I am not sure what to measure to (my eye or where a camera would be?) and if you include the star diagonal in the calculation, how that is measured (presumably the path light will take along it?) Thanks Steve
  12. Had my first light this morning with my modded PST which gave a really nice view, using amongst other things : Skywatcher Evostar 90 PST Custom adapter made by John at JTechDesign 90mm D-ERF A huge thanks to everyone who has helped with advice for this project especially Merlin66. Steve Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. Many thanks Roger. It did go out so far (so that the screws are visible) then it just stopped. I was uncertain if I could just force it out without breaking it. Will give it another go. Steve
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