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  1. Hi Tony, Here is one of the pics taken on my Tal-100 some time ago. It was taken on my Samsung V700 digicam directly through the eyepiece. Some half-decent pictures can be obtained, just need patience and perseverance as much as anything else. Adrian
  2. adrianh

    Adrians Pictures

    My attempts at Astro- Photography
  3. Many thanks for the infos twotter and Notsosupernova Ady
  4. This was the first decent evening I've had for viewing, and the Skywatcher is a revelation.... Orion Nebula, Jupiter, Andromeda, Many others and comet Panstarrs. I did find that the Tal eyepieces are far superior to the Skywatcher ones though. Its good to know there are some folks local to me. Twotter, do you have an astronomy group near you? Ady
  5. Many thanks for the welcome folks. Its muchly appreciated. Macmarch, what groups are in the local area please? ady
  6. Many thanks for the welcome folks. Adrian
  7. Hi Folks, I've recently upgraded my telescope from aTal-1 4" Newtonian to a Skywatcher EQ5 8" Newtonian. I'm hoping to get a bit more from the Skywatcher so will be reading the posts with interest. Dark, clear skies All Adrian
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