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    Fitness, Squash, Cricket (player and club organiser), Time Traveller (host a group book reading and film club), Cinema, Console and PC gaming...oh and love astronomy but very much a beginner in both observation and astrophotography
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  1. This series is absolutely superb, perhaps the best series guide to the Cosmos ever except for perhaps Carl Sagan's Cosmos. So well structured, presented and very very attractive in its graphics presentation. Even though for some of us it covers much we know about, it explains them beautifully and where some facts I just normally accept, now I can truly see "How the Universe works" I also echo that Quest is a very welcome channel which shows old documentaries including this series. See, all these shows have been on a different channel in their first showing. How the Universe Works was a US
  2. I was at that Astrocamp featured yesterday...and unfortunately my mug face was in view right in between Chris and Lucy for far too long, so distracting seeing myself while I try to listen to them, lol. I hate being caught on camera, even on a mobile phone! Anyway, I am pro saving S&N. Its a terrific team, each one with their own virtues. Pete Lawrence, the sky master, he's a walking star map and a good teacher on the show. Chris Lintott, a fine prodigee of Patrick, jolly, enthusiastic, clearly spoken main presenter. Lucy, the physicist, very pleasant co-presenter, Paul, the bumbling l
  3. Thank you guys, you really are such a welcoming bunch! The HEQ5 pro will be my only point for a very long time because its the maximum weight I can log around on public transport. Glad it gets your approval though! It will also be difficult to get super images in London but I might even make it a mission to prove you can do astroimaging in Peckham
  4. Hi Guys, I was trying to join this and I kept coming up with eamil already used, then I realised I had joined months ago... So here is my belated first post and a big HI from from exotic Peckham, London Since my teens I have loved watching everything on TV to do with "outa space" and future tech including my regular "visits" to Grandpa Patrick Moore's house every month (I miss going to "grandpa"'s house ). However, I have only started this hobby in a practical way since January. It was then that I decided to defy the odds of living in the heaviest light polluted city of London, havin
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