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  1. Well the clouds have finally cleared here and I've got everything set up. Unfortunately, the coppice next to my house is currently getting a haircut and I'm surrounded by logging machinery and the garden is lit up like a stadium. I'm not happy to say the least. They've been known to go on until 11pm-ish. Groan.
  2. Thanks Dave - appreciate the offer. Please PM me.
  3. Yep that sounds like a good start! PM me.
  4. Well if anyone needs a break from city lights then they are welcome to drop by here - as long as they can impart good info to a complete noob and bring lots of drink.
  5. Hi Alistair, North of Shrewsbury. Nothing much but fields around here and not much light pollution. We've had some great views of the stars since moving here two years ago so just had to get a scope.
  6. Hi Paul - thanks for the reply. Your brother may have a very good point... I'm sure a healthy interest in cloud pattern and formation would fill a gap .
  7. Hello all, I'm completely new to astronomy but a recent move to a house in deepest darkest Shropshire with a very big sky above has prompted the purchase of a telescope - something I've always wanted. Spent yesterday building the scope (SW200P/EQ5). Wow! It's a beast but really enjoyed the unpacking and construction. I think I have a basic grasp of RA, Dec, azimuth etc. now. Hoping for some clear skys soon. I'm already slighly obsessed with cloud cover. I have lots of basic questions of couse, but everyone seems very friendly and helpful here. Hoping for good things. Richard.
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