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  1. Setting up during the day will definitely help as you will get used to where all the bits and bobs are. Practice makes permanent (not always perfect if you keep doing it wrong!) so repeat the set up loads of times to get it nailed. I found it helped to balance the scope with the focuser pointing towards counter weights. That means you are stood on the same side as the RA and Dec knobs and should hopefully be easier to use. I got a 1cm wide strip of PVC plastic from B&Q and some large steel jubilee clips from Halfords. I cut the plastic to length around the circumference of the front tube ring and held it in place with the jubilee clip. I can now keep the main rings looser so the scope can be rotated to a comfortable position. It wan't too expensive either. Might be worth a try.
  2. Just tried this on my scope. What a great yet simple tool. Turns out that I have a fairly good eye as it seems to line up quite well. That was with a colli cap and cheshire.
  3. I saw this thread a while ago. There's loads of good advice about things to think about. It's quite long but worth a look. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/136314-skywatcher-synscan-goto-what-the-manual-doesnt-tell-you/
  4. That's what I thought at first but when you read the panoptic description that YKSE put above it says that the two lenses actually touch. Seems a bit strange, I know, but the eyepiece seems to be working and each other order I put them in resulted in the stack being too short or too long. Also, moving a spacer up the stack resulted in the first singlet touching the nose piece lens. I imagine the light path is being directed around the outer edges of the singlets by the first nose piece lens hence it not mattering about the singlets touching. I hope It didn't sound like I know what I'm talking about because I'm not sure I do!
  5. It seems OK now Phoobar. There didn't seem to be any thread locking compound on it but when I was trying to put the eyepiece back together it was quite difficult to open it back up again. On the last time I put it together I put a fair amount of pressure into it and it doesn't move at all now. It must have loosened over time. In future I'll give it a check tighten before use so it doesn't happen again. I don't think you can get the eyecup off easily. Certainly not without removing the internals first. That said, I was focussing more on putting it back together as opposed to taking more bits of it so I may be wrong. Just tried it outside but there is a freezing fog so it's difficult to see anything clearly (there's one of those weird icy rings around the moon, which will no doubt spark some kind of "debate" on Facetube or Youbook). I looked across the valley and the house/street lights seemed crisp so all seems well.
  6. Thanks John. When I first closed the eyepiece up there was movement inside. I cranked it up tight to bring it together and that took the play out of it. A bit scary doing that to an eyepiece but worth knowing if someone else follows the pics and notices a rattle.
  7. Wow thanks so much for the responses from you all. The panoptic design seemed to make sense so I went with that. I seems to have done the trick. First the nose piece with lens Then the large spacer Then the small spacer First singlet lens Second singlet lens Lens Spacer Eye lens Then about 20 minutes of fiddling with trying to get it all back in with as little contact as possible. Straight into the grab'n'go scope and away we go. I think its all going to need another thorough clean as I can still see finger prints but I'm pretty happy. I'll test it properly on my SW 200p and see how it goes. Thanks so much for your help. I really freaked out earlier and it's amazing to see how quickly the SGL gang pulled together.
  8. I've done a very silly thing. I twisted out the eyecup of my 24mm Maxvision eyepiece and I noticed there was another thread also unscrewing. "Ooh what's that?" I thought. "Let's carry on unscrewing to see what happens". Next thing I know I've got lens elements all over the desk and no clue how to put them back I've ended up with this mess. Finger prints all over the place (hopefully I can clean it all up) . Has anyone seen a drawing or sketch to show the order in which to put these back in? Has anyone else ever done something as silly as this? I've tried several different orders but I can't seem to get it right. I'm beginning to look at my bank account and wonder if it's time for an emergency upgrade!!! Hope you can help.
  9. Hi Nikonman, it was nice to meet you at the Museum today. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Well done Markle for that putting link in. I should have put it on here myself. Ian
  10. National Astronomy Week event at Plymouth Museum on Saturday 1st. 1030 until 1500 hours. Multiple talks. One by me. There will also be a Stargazing evening at Jennycliff on a week night between 3rd and 7th of March. Check Plymouth Astronomy Society website and Facebook page. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  11. I was given a little scope a while ago and used it last night. I took a dining chair out and sat on that (don't tell the wife) and it was so comfortable. I normally stand at my 200p and end up rushing observations because of awkward angles. I think a stool or high chair might be in order.
  12. I've just seen that too. Didn't realise what was happening until I confirmed it with Stellarium. Awesome sight. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  13. Just found this thread. I've been to the aerodrome near Yelverton a few times. There are a series of bays with high banks around them that shelter light. It's also easy to get to. It'd be great to meet up. Plymouth AS has tried Clearbrook a few times but it often seems an effort to get people out there. I check the forum everyday so if there's a clear night (ever again) drop a line in here and we can sort something. Ian
  14. I feel sure I've seen a simple LED attached to a battery and held in place with sticky tape. Probably a little bit cheaper than £46!!!!
  15. That sounds like a pretty good alignment to me. I need to get my aligmnments more accurate as I hooked up a camera the other day and got star trailing within 30 secs. The youtube video I've seen uses the setting circle based on the last time polaris was in transit so I'll give that a go. I struggle to see the reticule in dark conditions. Some people have mounted a small red LED to illuminate it.
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