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  1. Hi All Have a great Christmas with a Happy , prosperous New Year, and of course 'Clear Skies'
  2. Thanks for that. I'm disabled so my astronomy is restricted to my back yard. Cheers Scorp
  3. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy Clear Skies new year.
  4. Hi Scott, I'm from the Morriston area of Swansea Cheers Pete
  5. PS to last. Sorry, I only just noticed the EQ8 mount info. I was more interested in the camera. Cheers Pete
  6. Hi danncat, What area of Swansea do you live in ? I am from the Morriston area. Cheers Pete.
  7. Hi Justin, Great image. I noticed your list of cameras, which one was you using for this shot, and what settings did you use ?? My camera has a very small chip, and isn't too good for DS objects. so I am thinking of buying a new one. I have a Nexstar 8, which I use for DS viewing, so any advice you could give me to aid my purchase, IE, camera accessories, attachments Etc, would be greatly appreciated. Due to mobility problems, I am restricted to my back yard, although I have no problem with DS viewing, DS photography is another matter. Again, a great image. one I would like to achieve myself.
  8. Hi, If you wan't confirmation, drop a line to FLO. I found them excellent with advice. Cheers Pete
  9. Hi Steve, Great stats, thanks. What would be an interesting addition is 'moonglow' on clear observable nights. I'm beginning to think that our cloud cover is controlled by the phases of our moon Whenever we get a new moon, my part of the UK seems to be cloudy. Only twice this year I have managed some serious DS viewing. Anyway, great job Pete.
  10. Hi Bob, You are probably correct about the filters, but in my area the light is directed down to the road and pavement, so there is no stray light coming from the side or above. I have noticed that the sky seems darker. With the recent moonglow, I haven't had a chance for any DS viewing, but I can see some faint stars with the naked eye, which have been invisible up to now. Admittedly, I haven't tried my camera yet on DS objects. I do agree with you about unnecessary lights, this should also include shops and offices that keep their lights burning 24/7, even if the premises is empty. The best
  11. Hi Gino, The nearest main road to me (Clasemont Road), still has the old orange lights, so it may be just the side roads. Fortunately Clasemont Road, is North of my position so its an area I don't view very often. Plus I would have to set up in my front garden, it might upset the neighbours . Cheers Pete.
  12. Hi All, An interesting development has just occurred in my area. (Morriston, Swansea) They have fitted new street lamps, which give off a blue-white light. The best thing about these, for us, is that they direct the light downwards, so no more stray light, and no more orange glow to penetrate. For people like myself with mobility problems, and who are restricted to 'back yard astronomy' they are a blessing. They also require less power (cost) to operate, and consequently are better for the environment. Anyway, if these haven't been fitted in your area, it might be worth lobbying your own cou
  13. Hi Everyone Here's wishing you all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year. May 2015 bring you dark ; clear skies. Zero humidity, and temperatures above freezing The only stars I'll be seeing tonight (New Years Eve), are the ones you see after a few whiskies Cheers Pete.
  14. On the subject of heaters, anyone know a good method of keeping my Telrad from misting up ??? I have seen some dew prevention items for them, but they look like simple covers that have to be removed / replaced all the time. For Meddyliol, sorry for butting in on your thread, hope you don't mind. Cheers Pete.
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