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  1. I have a 300 mW green laser - it is the business when it comes to aligning your scope and pointing out stars and planets at outreach meetings. Warning Please note that 300 mW lasers are potentially dangerous, and are considered unsafe for use in public areas. DO NOT USE THESE!! There is no reason to use a >5 mW laser for astronomy (reference: http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/20035242). A 5 mW green laser is sufficiently powerful and, importantly, will not cause permanent eye damage (reference: http://hea-www.harva...bolt-6plus.html). Also see here: http://www.universet...laser-pointers/ See post by umadog below
  2. I always read that there are no safety diodes, and should you manage to apply reverse polarity to a Synta mount, the smoke is expensive.
  3. Well, you know you won´t be disappointed !!!
  4. I have a double stack etalon on the way for my PST - I will tell all how it goes.
  5. Those are the clutches - slacken them off and you can move in DEC and RA by hand.
  6. My new toy has been sent - can´t wait - like a little kid at Xmas.
  7. Dare say that is so, sqyff, trouble is solar is so expensive!!! LOL
  8. I paid US $591 including transatlantic post. I see Rother valley optics have the same thing for 699 UKP. All down to how much customs duty and VAT I have to pay, but I still think I will make a good saving.
  9. http://telescopes.net/store/psm40-40mm-ha-narrowband-element-front-unit-tmax-tuner-for-double-stacking-a-pst-telescope.html Well I ordered it - from a supplier in the US, who has it on offer. Now watch the clouds roll in in a week or so.
  10. jk, other people who have made the change say it is very well worth the outlay - I hope to be able to comment personally soon.
  11. Shall we call that a rhetorical question? My birthday is in 3 weeks - I will be 65 and a penny insurance that my father took out for me when I was born is about to cough up. I hope it will be enough to double-stack my PST !!!
  12. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3431_Skywatcher-Startravel-80---80-400mm-Autotracking-Telescope.html This is my grab ´n´ go - small and light - the Alt-Az mount tracks (but no GoTo) - you can plug it into your car´s lighter socket.
  13. I don´t see a problem. Just don´t send the goods until the cheque has cleared - that was always how business was done before Paypal, bank transfer, etc.
  14. I wonder how optically correct your clear plastic will be. But it does look very neat compared to the one I made using Blue Peter engineering methods.
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